"This feature requires all active players to be connected to Gearbox Software SHiFT."

Ever since the crossplay update I have been unable to connect to the SHiFT servers on any of the Borderlands games and on both Steam and the Epic Games Launcher.
I have tried plenty of methods when it comes to fixing this such as disabling/allowing the games to bypass my firewall, disabling the dlcs, deleting and redownloading the games, making and removing and linking my Steam and Epic account to my current SHiFT account along with a new account I made, verifying the game files, the Lsass method, lushing my dns cache and launching as administrator.
I sent a ticket to the support team and they were no help so I wanted to see if anyone knew what the issue is and/or how to fix it. No idea if it’s relevant but I own Borderlands 3 on Epic and the rest of the series on Steam and it wasn’t an issue until I made a SHiFT display name.


Did you include that last piece of information in your ticket? If not, please update your ticket with that info. That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone post that particular detail, but there have been several people experiencing the same issue.

Question: when you see the error message, are you signed in on both Epic and Steam, or on only one service?

I’m on day 20 of the exact same problem. I’ve also done everything you did, and nothing works.


That’s hella weird.

I get the error when I’m signed in on one and when I’m on both, whenever I try to make an online party in Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel it just puts me into and infinite loop. It’ll tell me creating online session then go to loading screen and then back to the main menu saying it’s making an online session.

Same issue here. I’ve submitted 3 support tickets because each time I do my support account gets deleted and my ticket disappears. Also I got a reply from zendesk saying they’re closed for the holidays and won’t be in until January 2nd (it’s April now). That’s a little frustrating to see.

Anyway, my wife and I both have this issue. She’s on Steam, I’m on Epic. We’ve restarted BL3, our game clients, our computers, and the router. I’ve disabled the firewall temporarily to test it and spoke with my ISP. Neither worked. I’ve verified game files, re-linked our SHiFT accounts, and changed the gaming settings on my router (port forwarding, etc) to no avail. I’m out of ideas.

We have been able to connect twice after 2 hours of troubleshooting each time, but it seems random. The next time we try to log in after that it’s back to the same error again. We’re from US, but living in Korea, so maybe there’s a location/timing issue? Not sure.

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OK so same problem on BL2, TPS, and BL3. You mentioned earlier making a shift display name: is this the same as or different from your forum name?

In all of that did you ever get a ticket number on an autoreply? And was this 2K Support or Gearbox support?

Can confirm this issue is also present for me when launching BL2 and TPS. Have to start offline to be able to play it, launching it online just sends it into an infinite loop of trying to go online connect to the Shift servers.

I have ticket number for my first ticket and my third ticket, as well as my wife’s ticket. Second one I didn’t get an email with ticket number and failed to write it down.

My shift display name is itsbeebo and my epic games name is itsroo

Maybe try making them the same? Just a wild guess here - if it doens’t solve the issue you should be able to change it back.

OK can you PM those ticket numbers to me? Just hit my avatar icon and click on the Message button.

Yeah no dice, still the same error message as before. When I’m in the lobby for borderlands 3 it shows my epic games name with the epic logo instead of showing my shift display name so I’ve got no idea what the issue is.

Ticket numbers have been sent to you.

I replied to the support member through email. I followed all steps he provided and sent him 10 screenshots of various steps and error messages. Hopefully it will be helpful. To summarize for other people having this issue, here are the things I’ve tried. I’ll update this post as I continue to help others.

Restarted BL3, Epic, Computer, and Router
Ensured Windows, network card, Epic, BL3, and router were up to date
Updated video driver (unrelated, but I did it)
Verified game cache on both Epic (for me) and Steam (for my wife, different computers)
Enabled port forwarding and packet priority on router
Allowed BL3 through firewall (also disabled it entirely for testing)
Changed DNS settings and flushed DNS
Updated time and date settings in Windows (suggested in another forum)
Relinked all my accounts in SHiFT (Steam, Epic, 2K, Twitch)
Changed country settings in computer, Epic, Steam, SHiFT, etc in case there was a conflict there.
Ensured Username was uniform in all accounts.

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I missed this post earlier. This worked for me, but not my wife. May not be a fix per se, but a good workaround if it works for others. EDIT: Disregard, this doesn’t work for me anymore

For others who may need more info: Set “Group Privacy” (the gear in the top right corner of Main Menu) to Local Only. Then restart Borderlands 3. Once it boots up again you’ll here a “bling” sound and a sign should appear in the background that says “Hotfixes applied”. You should be able to go online now. EDIT: Like I said above, it no longer works for me. I guess it was just another one of those random instances where the game miraculously works

I’ll keep troubleshooting my wife’s game and post updates for anyone who needs it.

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Little update, I didn’t do anything different but the game managed to work properly at Sunday morning around 1am and my buddy and I managed to play for a few hours. However, today when I tried it again I got the same error as I usually do and as far as I know, I didn’t change anything. The game even says that I’m connected to the network so once again I’ve got no idea what the issue is.

Anyone else in your household using your internet connection at the same time? Got anything on another device/computer doing major download/upload stuff while you’re gaming? WiFi or hard-wired connection to the modem/router?

My wife and I are both on the same internet using wired connections to the same router. No other devices are using the internet except her phone for messaging her friends. No video streaming or anything while we’re trying to connect. I’ve been troubleshooting our computers side-by-side so everything is nearly identical on both computers (except hers is Steam and mine is Epic). Earlier today we tried logging in at the same time and mine worked but hers didn’t. If we play LAN while one computer is connected to SHiFT (the host), then we can get the hotfixes and events in our game. It only works for that one session though. The next time we try it won’t work again. I’d say it works about once every 20 attempts.

I also got a response from Support telling me to wait in the Main Menu for the hotfixes to apply. I’m sending a video of me waiting for an hour to show it never happens. I also left my game open for an entire day to prove my point (no video of that obviously). Either it works immediately, or not at all.

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If the Hotfixes aren’t applying (I agree that if it doesn’t happen in like two minutes, much less a few seconds, something is up), that’s telling.

What DNS(s) are you using?

I use wireless but nothing significant is taking any bandwidth and I’ve tried turning everything else off besides my computer but I still get the same error.