This Game Frustrates Me To No End

I do not know what the heck is going on but I cannot keep this up in farming. I’m in M0 now farming for Bloodletter from the Skag Survival Trial. Yeah those drop 50% of the time. I wanna farm for 1 passive which is Weapon Damage but it’s hell because the other 50% that seem to drop a lot more is Amara’s Breaker Com.

Whenever I make few trade topics at the PS4 board I get no responses. Whether it because they don’t have a Level 65 one or they don’t have the basic rolls, or they just don’t care.

This is legit pissing me off too much. How can anyone like me get anywhere to get what I need, which farming is garbage due to so many rng variables in place? I stopped playing this game for few months and I recently came back to give this game a try and having fun but I’m not having fun.

What the HELL can I do to remotely get anything from this game if things are so difficult to get? Yes I do see Level 65 Bloodletter drop but it’s the rolls what annoys me. Not just these Coms but any weapon and gear. I really do NOT know what is left for me here to do and I’m playing this because I need something to break me off from playing Black Ops 4

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Every time i wanna farm something, i better save a whole weekend to do it, and even then, nothing.
Im talking, for example, a hellwalker. Looking for that 150% rad, i threw away 2 days farming the same, oneshottable miniboss, next to a spawn point, OVER AND OVER AND OVER and never got the gun roll i wanted.

Furthermore, what about trading, GeeBee. Cant you just open the trading system to cross-platform properly?
Its well known you can trade between console and pc to another friend, if the friend has the game on BOTH platforms! (or a fortnite installed i think. Ew…)
Like bruh, if this is possible to do, why dont you just make a feature for proper mailing between platforms?

I have this super duper friend who dropped the game because mayhem is a mess to play and farm in. Finally gets back to play, i wanna send em some god tier stuff for moze, god rolls and that good shet. But nope! Cant even be friends on shift if he doesnt own the game on PC!

And while at it, maybe be able to send multiple items at once…?

There are a good number of passives on class mod that should be removed honestly. Might also help to remove the ones that are specific. Like for example, there is weapon damage passive which is any weapon. Then you get like Hyperion weapon damage, which is too specific but many people like them though. Not for me honestly.

Trading is a bit tricky. Aside from the generic good stuff that everyone knows and wants to obtain, it’s hard to find certain gear unless some youtuber/streamer showcased it in their build and said it’s a must have. I think Bloodletter are considered non Meta Moze so might be difficult to find trades.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but it isnt Gearbox fault for cross platform. I think its platforms fault. Sony is oppose to the idea, so PS users are locked out.


mh, no clue of the inner workings.
im just baffled that the game requires/uses SHIFT in console too but doesnt allow the players to make full use of it, with what couldhave been a godly feature, mails.

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Factoid. This mail feature is way too good and sadly restricted for same platform users.

I would really like to get my hand on good trades but I don’t have much of PS4 people play this game anymore and we kinda know why. I just don’t know what to simply do at this point.

I fear the next thing I might do is uninstall this. I did it with Destiny 2 and Anthem and never turned back…