This game has some problems

But man I really really love the combat. It’s sooooooooo fun. I’m doing the golden path stuff and I just got to the room with the astornav chip. and I’ve probably played this part over 50x but man the combat is ridiculous.

the story flat out sucks (I’m sorry writers :-(, I did not enjoy it), game’s buggy, Pitchford from what I hear is a jerk but I don’t know him, but his team made a game that I enjoy playing at lot because the act of playing it is very fun. I bought the game and DLC on all 3 platforms to play with all my friends. Wish crossplay was available now rather than later, but very fun game gameplay wise.

And as for the story, yeah I don’t like it at all but the sad part is the overall story takes away from the characters I really liked like Tannis, Katagawa, Torgue…etc, and I like the quips and banter from the main characters. Like when Amara says bandits became violent because they were bored, or something to that effect because I was afk. I love stuff like that.

other small complaints are I feel like I’m on Eden 6 too long and not on Athenas long enough, and Ava is annoying.

Overall, game’s got some probs, but I love playing it.


We all feel the same :wink:

I also like the game… But I still love BL2.

As you said, the game has problems but those problems are there from the start and doesn’t seem like they’ll ever go away :cry:

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Nah heck that, I started a Zane for the path - this is lit!

What’s sad is playing a game while intermittently stopping play to make a quality critic. Either you enjoy it or don’t shrugs

Are opinions not allowed to have nuance? OP clearly said they’re overall enjoying the game.


Nah its like drinking a chocolate milk but being slightly disappointed that there’s too much sugar.

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It’s really not. people are allowed to “want less sugar”

Saying people can’t critique parts of a game makes absolutely no sense.


what makes me sad is this game has a lot of charm but people quickly dismissed the game and stopped playing it because the story bugs them and missed out on a lot of that said “Charm”. There’s good parts in the game and a lot of people never even get to see if because they’re turned off by what they perceived as a bad story. It suck.

Like the Turbo Ten Gallon gun. Not great legendary gun, but I use this gun because it’s charming. You throw one out and you can throw another gun at it, the gun explodes, the magazine then finds its way to the gun that’s already deployed and reloads it. This is cool and charming as well. You turn your gun into a buddy and you throw him magazines. It’s cool because I will try to listen to how many bullets the gun is shooting and when I hear it gets low or think it’s low, I swap to it, fire, throw the magazine at it and swap back to my other weapon and we continue our assault. It’s a fun weapon and the designers were having fun with it. The small things like this will be overlooked because some people couldn’t get through the story. It’s kinda a bummer.

I’m not telling them to change their story in this game. I would not ever tell an artist to do that. It is what it is. But as I mentioned in my OP, I love playing this game. It’s a good time. I hope anyone on the dev team sees this and knows that there are some people out there whole enjoy this game as much as I do.