This game has the shittiest match making ever

Its time to leave this game. i enjoyed playing it b4 but now its just boring. Im tired of getting all ppl below level 10 in my team and opponents getting all high levels. this happened twice, i was the highest in my team(level 33 ) and rest of the team were all below 10 including one guy who was level 3 while my opponents had 2 level 100 and rest 3 above 50. Its not all about winning but theres no fun in getting utterly thrashed most of the times.
And the wait time in Asia is too long, Switched to europe which lags. This game had potential.

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Every PvP game in the history of the world has had bad MM at one point or another.

Don’t believe me? You can even check OW’s GD and see MM complaints on a game with far far more players to fill it’s MM pool.


Command level has nothing to do with how strong a character is or how well someone plays. Command level 10 has equal chances of defeating Command level 100.


setting up matchmaking is hard. it requires dynamic math based on current population interested in pvp’ing. do you do mm ratings or just push to populate the matches faster at the cost of horribly unbalanced 100 v newb matches? you’ll never make anyone happy and the fact that we know they are working on it instills me with a bit of patience. not ready to call it dead yet. and the command level comment was spot on, im lvl 100 and relatively terrible lol

Oh god yes, I mean I’m not MLG pro either but I’ve seen some fellow 100’s or even just high level CR’s period just be absolutely god awful. Totally clueless on thrall camps and doing minions over kills etc.

Most high level CR’s are PvE farmers to the max.

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Possible, but highly unlikely as that level 100 will have spent about 50 times the amount of time in game as the level 10. They’ll also have far better gear to activate.

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Gear is such a non factor in PvP. Most of the people I see in PvP who do “well enough” run white/green/blue gear just as often if not more often than purple/oranges.

Last night i ( lvl 10) and my coworker friend ( lvl 25) got matched versus a team where the lowest player was level 60 on OW and we got stomped hard.
Yes BB does indeed have the worst MM ever… Ugh

Proper item builds make an enormous difference in PVP, but just throwing a pile of legendaries at a character isnt necessarily the proper item build.


Every advantage, no matter how small, matters in PvP.

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Oh I agree, but it’s not exactly hard to get a huge chunk of greens/blues/purples. Level 10 CR, if the PvE’d even a decent amount, would already probably be selling gear because they don’t have enough room to hold it all.

Try Aliens matchmaking. You think you have it bad. If the host is losing and quits, all your XP goes down the drain

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This must be topic No. 118 about bad matchmaking.

Can you not simply raise your concerns in one of the hundret other theads instead of making another one?

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You can hit 100 Command Rank without ever stepping foot in PVP. So that is a terrible standard for measuring ability in PVP.

I don’t really PVE much. I can safely say I do not know the maps or the boss fights in PVE. I mostly play Incursion so my 100 Command Rank in PVE grossly misrepresents my knowledge of PVE if that is the standard you choose to use.

Also for my preferred PVP load out I normally use 0 shard cost whites with the occasional legendary or purple depending on the hero.

Okay, so I come at this from the other angle, being the level 100 in a party with another 100 and a newer player learning rath, matched against a few teens and nothing higher than 60. We message each other , “nice new players, the player base must be growing, lets pick heroes we don’t play often” and all learn together.

This would be known as an outlier I reckon. Most players sitting at command rank 100 would in the vast majority of cases be familiar with most aspects of the game.

Especially 1 month in, get real.

I take offense to that. My 100 CR came from 80% PvP, the rest came from Lore Grinding in PvE. I’m still not done with that. ; - ;

Was actually partied up with a Lv7 from the forums, and I’m Lv100. He was better than anyone else in the two-three games I played with him.

So, your saying that as a general rule you don’t think a command rank 100 player will have more game experience then a CR10 one?

I’m CR60 something and most games I get when playing (mostly) incursion end up being fairly balanced and competitive. Most of the games I played last night actually ended up going the max play time with a healthy back and forth the whole time.

The people on this forum make it sound like the world is ending because they get stomped twice in a row. Its part of playing a game that is team oriented like this, most of the time CR isn’t a factor at all. Its all about your ability to recognize what your team is doing/attempting to do and helping out the way your character/build is intended to.