This game has to continue to grow, here are some things I'd like to see!

Hi everyone, I normally shy away from forums because most communities tend to be filled with negative people. I have had the opposite experience playing online and just coming across other forums. Mostly the PS4 community pages. Now there are still people that just gloat about how good they are and just post scorecards but forget them. Anyway I decided to start making youtube videos about battleborn to show other players that this game is kicking and so much fun. When I live stream I get people constantly asking about this game, asking if it is better than “Insert Title” and I tell them it’s great it has so much to offer.

I’m not trying to self promote, I just like to put things into a video, edit it and post it on youtube. I hope you guys can watch so that I don’t have type it all out here but these are some things I’d like to see in battleborn.

Disclaimer: Not a pro at the game, not amazing, still learning, play alone a lot and so I want to try to put myself out there to broaden my experience. Feedback is appreciated but more importantly, what would you like to see in this game? What do you think it has going for it?

Thank you for watching if you do.


Welcome to the forums!


Hello! Glad you could join us. We’ve had some say we’re shockingly nice, so you made the right choice lol

I don’t think I can watch the video right now, but I doubt it isn’t good. Keep it up. Also, what’s your psn? I’m always looking for more positive people

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Thank you for the welcome!

I watched some of the video. Many of us here have said we’d like to see shorts or an animated to expand the story, myself included. Of course unlike TITLE REDACTED we actually get story in game, so there’s that.

Thanks for promoting this game to your viewers, this community has to keep up the good fight!

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I hope so, mostly for other newcomers. My PSN is Reject. I would love to just put more videos out there for people to watch, the best way for a game to really get out there is by word of mouth. More importantly I would love to learn from others who play the game a lot more than me to teach me. I haven’t had terribly slow matchmaking times in PVP but I do in story and that is what I love the most, though I hardly do them with a team.

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Thanks, I have a lot of others ask about this game and it’s great showing it off because people see it and go “Wow this looks fun” I don’t like to compare to other games, each game takes time to develop and they have their own strengths. This game can bed amazing if it had more presentable lore.

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Including some of the borderland characters is actually a really good suggestion for this game. I can see many of the borderlands fans picking up the game and play it simply because it has some of its toons.

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I get where you’re coming from but uh…
Hell no
Just my opinion on the matter


Thanks! I mean just any references, skins, items, cameo parodies. It would definitely get more borderlands fans to take notice. I know some of the characters may not fit but it definitely is a great marketing tool.

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There’s actually a reference in one of Kleese’s cosmetics if you can find it :wink:
And they hinted in the first op at Promethea (I believe), a world more dangerous than Pandora only mentioned in Borderlands 1. May be the location of the third

There are references aplenty in both skins and other stuff - Thorn’s Vaulting Hunter helix being one of them.

Also, @Avon, welcome to the forums! Great to see new people still trickling in.


i like Ghalts gunserker line better lol. Great ref there

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Thank you brownlie. Though there are small things like you guys said such as the possible tease of borderlands 3 in attikus’ story there isn’t something blatant to appeal to fans.

Consumers would more than likely buy something that has something they enjoy that is marketed rather than just small Easter eggs.

For example you wouldn’t buy Destiny for the master chief reference in the game.

I’m focusing more on heavier elements.

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Not possible, confirmed in Attikus DLC I’ll tag you in the DLC Easter egg hunt thread