This game is a disaster

We’re now past the 8 month mark since launch and Borderlands 3 is in the worst shape it’s ever been in. Blue screens of death have plagued the game since it’s birth, and every fix for technical errors introduce new ones, often times worse than the errors that they’ve replaced. As if that weren’t bad enough, after 2 level cap increases and a 3rd version of Mayhem difficulty modes, character and gear scaling has proven to be either completely forgotten about or an afterthought.

The game developers have always boasted about the diversity that players will have at their disposal, with over 1 billion guns, 4 characters with multiple play styles each. Rather than possibilities reaching new horizons as more content is released, quite the opposite has occurred. Even if a player wanted to practice diversity and try new characters or try new builds, it is nearly impossible for a player to gather the necessary gear items with the required anointments for the build he/she desires. The loot pool is over saturated with garbage and useless anointments. The dedicated gear drops are far and few between, where if you get lucky enough to even see the item drop from its dedicated source, it is likely to have not only not the specific anointment you desire, but an anointment that has no use, like while airborne.

Sadly this game had the recipe for greatness. It could have been a game that rewarded its players and captured a loyal fan base for years and years, and future sequels. It is very sad, and disappointing, to watch this game grow to the disaster it has become.

A+ for Concept
F for execution

I would not be mad, at-all, if the developers scrapped the future of this game and went straight towards something new and started from scratch. Learn from the mistakes, I believe this game has already self destructed and the band-aids just are not enough any more.

My last straw was after today’s hotfix. After a destroyed reward system and laughable execution of Mayhem 2.0 and all the errors that came with it. After months of people dealing with this virus BS, trying to escape from reality into the realm of BL3. Now is not the time to make the game painful to play.

Today’s hotfix states " We’ve thinned out Wotan’s dedicated loot pool with today’s hotfix. As a result, the Valkyrie Squad now drops the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Shields exclusively from their dedicated loot pool, while Wotan drops the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Weapons from its dedicated loot pool exclusively. This does not affect world drops from these enemies. Paired with the change to allow more than a single Legendary to possibly drop at one time, players should have an easier and more consistent farming experience in this content."

I thought, great, finally, I can farm Wotan and get some Kyb’s and Redistributors that I’ve been farming for, for 2 weeks straight. I farmed Wotan, today, after the hotfix (confirmed it was applied), approximately 20 times in split screen (x2 loot).

NOT 1 KYBS. NOT 1 REDISTRIBUTOR. And any gear that might be useful after some major balances, had the worst anointments in the game. Airborne, sliding, melee damage, increased accuracy and firerate, cyber spikes…

20 Wotan kills. 20. In Mayhem 10. Not 1 useful legendary with a useful anointment. Not even 100% ASE, not even 200% ASA, not even SNTNL Cryo, not even 125% incendiary AE IB, not even 300/90, not even 150/50…

This game is a total disaster, please, please, please, put it on the shelf and move on to the next one before you lose your entire loyal fan base. It’s inevitable. It’s clear. The blue screens, the frame rates, the menu lag, the reward system, they’re unfixable.

/end rant


It honestly wouldn’t be so bad if Mayhem mode didn’t have modifiers that constantly forced people to regrind all their gear every couple of months.

At first I was upset with having to do that, after a lot of time and hard work went into perfecting a level 50 build. But, it encouraged me to dedicate more time into perfecting a new build, so I saw a benefit to it.

That benefit then disappeared as new content and new anointments were added to the game. Being home and able to dedicated 10 hours a day in playing the game. I can presumably confirm that it is impossible to farm for enough gear to make a viable build for the upper Mayhem levels.

The only way to possibly obtain the necessary gear items to complete a build is to trade other players for those items. And, we all know, that when people trade they aren’t giving up their gear items.

Personally, I’d rather play the game and obtain the gear items I desire through loot drops. The feeling of reward is much greater than having someone send you a copy of the gear item.

Right now there is no feeling of reward in this game in attempting to obtain highly desired loot items. It’s a chore, no different than me having to fold laundry. What keeps me playing is the fact that I don’t want over 1,000 hours of game play to go to waste. But, I’ve accepted reality.


They can’t put it on the shelf yet…we are due for another gear-ruining +3 skill points bump.


I can’t take anymore. This was such a prime time for the devs to just do something a little extra special for people. Like, make the game rewarding.

Didn’t they mention they were going to keep the co-op loot event going through the entire quarantine?

Instead they made major changes to the game while breaking it?

Seriously. Please. No level cap increase until the game is in an acceptable state. No loot events immediately before a level cap increase.

Gearbox, just do us and yourself a favor and quadruple the loot drops until you fix the game. This will make the game playable and somewhat enjoyable while you take some time to do this right. Let us have the ability to get the gear we want/need to play with our builds.

I’ve already spent 100 or so hours since the drop of Mayhem 2.0, and I still don’t have key gear items for a build. After farming their dedicated bosses over and over and over and over.

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I have no idea if or when Gearbox is going bump up the level cap. I was being snarky. But I wouldn’t put it past them.


The drops suck. There’s no other way to put it. Getting less drops on M10 than we were getting on M4 is ridiculous. I’m tired of killing a boss and getting 0-1 legendaries, which always seems to include an artifact or class mod.


They’ve vocalized that there are upcoming level cap increases.

If you do get legendaries, they are the same ones over and over and over. Roisen Thorns, Ten Gallon, Woodblocker, Storm Front, Front Loader, Rectifier, Wagon Wheel, Gunerang. To name a few.


God not another level cap please

From their lead level designer


The most recent dev update in also mentions level increases.

As for the topic, I dunno if I agree. BL2 got itself a pretty loyal fanbase, people who spent days and weeks killing bnkr for a 94% Sham. It’s not like punishing grind is some new evil introduced by BL3. Then again, the competition isn’t the same as it was then. There have been a lot of cool mechanics in similar games that BL3 could borrow for the better. Hell, their own predecessor, the Presequel, made a stab at improving the experience with the Grinder.

I wanna know before i believe patch notes again and waste my life and a backberner drops for the 100th time for me. They let me down every patch with screens/video to prove it. I been super down n pessimistic about stuff because they lied every patch…i even quit but the lure of that shield…

Been looking for a perfect 0.m on action skill shield to perfect my build. Bachata in a small space. Under a disco dome shooting with clone buddy zane build.

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I went through it 5 times. Got a few 0.m drops from the Valkeries including 2 in one run.

Then again I also got 0 dedicated drops from Wotan so, YMMV.

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It’s a waste of time. I farmed Wotan 20 times this afternoon. Not 1 Kybs or Redistributor. About 5 Sticky Quasars. Conference calls. 3 Good JuJu’s with sliding or airborne. 4 or 5 junk class mods. 4 or 5 crap artifacts. A few Tiggs Booms with airborne or accuracy and fire rate anointments.

Complete waste of time. The game disc is better used as a coaster.


They keep telling us that they improved the drop rates but the results don’t seem to show that. Are they just incompetent or are we being lied to? Of course, “improved” could be a very minor increase to what it was.


I got 1 0.m with flak pet crap movement speed… Backberner again!

I legit got a fricken backberner… Takedown bosses always give me this garbage…

The valkyries was full of world drop garbage.
I wont even bother with wotan then…

Yep they cant even do what theyre saying theyre doing.

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Oh my freaking gherd thats a different game and rhe sham dropped period often. It just didnt have a coveted random rng % Roll. I found a majoeity of players who talk about a bl2 grind didn’t know how to speed kill bosses or what was capable. Bnker can die in two flakker swaps to rocket launcher or no swap with salvador. Hyperius could even die to tediore axton the weakest of them all and reset insta respawn.

Bosses has a limited pool they could drop not every legendary in the game of a pool of 200+ items.

Guns didnt require anoints ppl looked for perfected parts in general but the guns still dropped.

Here ppl are hoping the itrm itsslf drops with a usuable anoint they cant even afford to worry about parts scopes extra modifiers.

Unique Blue quest item guns and purple guns were very very viable. Hello sandhawk. Purples could have greater topends.

Also pearls dropped like candy from tubby enemies

This game is a million times worse.


Great they combined our topics for what?

The board should be flooded with all our different gripes and topics. Each headline is important as they cant ignore. Now they can ignore our one forum post.

Feeling highly disgruntled


5% x (a very small number) = (a slightly larger small number)