This game is a Min Maxer's worst nightmare

How long would it take to find these items?

Snowdrifts otto’s idol:

  • 17% with X Weapon Damage
  • CDR / AoE Damage / Elemental Damage / Movement Speed
  • 40% Mag size

Mind sweeper with no points in Torgue Cross Promotion:

  • 25% Weapon Damage
  • 31% Pistol damage
  • 45% Jakobs Crit

Blast Master:

  • 25% Weapon Damage
  • 31% Shotgun Damage
  • 24% Mag size

the answer is, months, if not years. this is just a few examples and i could continue but i think everyone gets the point.

even if there were a ways to get these items with a 100% drop rate, it would take a longtime to find the right combination you want. sure, you can trade but finding the person with the golden egg isn’t exactly easy either.

Remember when GB said that Mayhem 4 were meant for the highly synergized builds? yeah, what happens when they add more mayhem levels? what happens when they increase the level cap? what if they get the “brilliant” idea to add defensive annointments to relics? You’ll be forced into using weapons that are considered outliers to make up for the lack of stat elsewere, but as we already know, when such weapon exists GB decides to nerf it down to average or make it incredibly niche so that items like the ones above becomes a must have.

there’s so many RNG layers ontop of each other in this game and the only real way to improve our chances is to play on hardered difficulties but to do that we need the gear. it’s a endless downward spiral.

if you ask me, it doesn’t improve “longevity” people just get burnt out. it reduces replayabilty because i don’t think a lot of people would want to go through that again on another character, or even another build. it’s unhealthy for the game, imo.

things needs to change, and there are ways they can do this. either by greatly increasing the drop rates on items that suffer the most from RNG such as COMs, relics, granades(moze) or let us re-roll our existing items for a small fee. i say small because even if we could reroll the stats on a relic or a class mod it could take a massive ammount of tries to get close to what you wanted.

i think the DLC is a good template on how things should be. multiple COMs drop at once(and often out in the world), dedicated sources only have 1-2 items. drops are being prioritzed based on the location/enemy. close to guaranteed chance. etc etc.

what’s your thoughts? are you as fed-up as i am by the current state of the loot in base game or are you not bothered by it? what else could they do to improve other than increasing drop rates or add a re-roll feature?


Every time I farm I just get disappointed and go back to trading more. Farming El Dragon Junior made me rather upset…

Sad state of affairs.


I don’t lust after perfect rolls. I’m sorta okay with the drop rates I’ve been experiencing during the event. I’ve never met a game which I didn’t eventually burn out on; however, I will say I’ve had a more rewarding experience lootwise thus far than in the previous games.


The burn out IMO is being accelerated by the difficulty to find specific gear…

Esp for players that do have good rolls, and obviously want to farm for better ones.

However, it’s not even perfect rolls… Even getting anointed drops or even the right COM can be a travesty.

Go farm El Dragon junior for an anointed stop gap with the rolls you actually want, or Tyreen for a Shock Kings call with the anointment for your current build, or try to find an anointed Diluvian Firestorm from Traunt. The RNG is so brutal for end game players…


Seems like Borderlands games have always just turned into massive trading , duping, & modding games. I mean, who is going to ‘trade’ (give away) a god roll, holy grail item, for real?! There are just so many garbage items that drop, seems like most of my time is spent picking up and selling trash. When I read Gearbox boasting, pre-release, about “‘billions’ of guns!” I just eye-rolled. I’d rather have hundreds of good items than have to sift through the billions to find the gems. But, I’m not the creator so it’s not my call.


Yeah agree.

At least in Boarderlands 2 after a day of farming, pretty much any boss, you had the weapon you wanted or the COM you needed…

Now its more like a Refuse Tycoon Simulator…


it’s not that i lust for god rolls just for the sake of it. it’s just that, i feel that i either have to use a “S-tier” weapon were the rest of the gear is unimportant or spend the next couple of months farming for items to make my “B-tier” weapon “A-tier”.

it severly limits the options i have when it comes to building my character for end game.


I’m not one for god rolls, but since it came around I’ve always wanted to try an Amara build with a Knife drain white elephant and more recently I’ve been looking for an anointed x25 Stagecoach…
I’ve got the feeling that I will NEVER find them with half decent rolls, and I’ve been on the lookout for months without finding even a bad one of either… That’s a little bit disheartening…


Is this the support group? Hi my name is Bremen I’ve been farming for awhile I’m starting to feel its hopeless feels like I’m more likely to win the lottery then get that 1 specific item I need. I agree with everything you say.


People often post a about wanting a class mod with + 5 in a specific skill and then 3 specific rolls. Just for fun, here are your chances of finding it -

.2*.2*.2*.2*.2*.01*.01*.01 = .0000000003

So literally 1 in a billion.


Yeah, Dragon was a bitch to farm to get what I needed. Took me roughly 200+ attempts to finally get me a ASE rad stop gap. And it was pretty much the perfect roll I was after, with shield boosters and 12k+ cappacity. But have you tried getting a Recharger from the small ass dude called Urist? He’s the worst tbh, and I just gave up. My Ele Amara prefers rechargers, but I’m glad I got the stop gap, and currently rolling that shield. RNG is indeed brutal to say the least.


Yeah I agree… also try for an anointed Diluvian Firestorm… that’s insane as well. I see an un-anointed one about every 4 days of farming Traunt for it…

Save quitting one boss over 200 times does not come anywhere close to my understanding of ‘dedicated drop…’

It means improbable drop…


*Laughs in path of exile *


At least path of exile has trade, items aren’t duped and you can always get perfect items by slowly hoarding currency from small - medium trades. Well, other than perfect rares which are extremely expensive, but still… Path of exile has rolls on modifiers and is online only, borderlands 3 doesn’t have any of these so it has no excuse to reward its players so badly.

I just posted an Idea of alternative farm for specific legendaries but it seems like no one gives a damn anyway. It’s not the best solution, but you can at least have fun while farming for your perfect relic / whatever.


x25 Stagecoach is already near perfect rolls; a majority of parts are going to that x25.

We don’t know the roll mechanism, but those numbers are nonsensical. If we assume skills are independent trials (rerolled when illegal) the chance of a +5 is 1/3^5 = .4% not .2^5. Also you claim there are ~100 different COM bonuses. Can you provide a reference for that?


My name is Wes.
I’m taking a shot everytime I get a band of sitorak with the wrong anointment, pretty hammered.

Sometimes we have to settle, I spent days on Tyreen farming and graveward for a icebreaker Otto idol with extra cryo efficiency I ended up getting one in a trade. Still works great but if I spent any longer I wouldn’t be enjoying cryo rakks.
Tbh content creators get most God rolled gear from their fan base, who is more than eager to help and I’ve even seen them let streamers borrow their accounts. Or they just drop 5 smackers to some guy on eBay so they can get the one item that makes it a min max build, they make more from the ad revenue so I can’t blame them.



It’s bad, but it’s not that bad.

I’m in the same boat. I’m not particularly happy about it, but I just deal with. Lately, I’ve been thinking about why drop rates are the way they are. Obviously, they are there to control the player’s progress. They don’t want too many players running around in perfect gear yet. When the time is right, the devs will increase levels/difficulty and do something to make farming easier. Knoxx Farmory. Buffed drop rates in Community Loot Hunt. So, things will eventually get better. How much better and will it be enough? I have no idea. When M5+ comes around and things stay the same, I think very few people will be having fun.

So, I do advocate for being able to re-roll stats and anointments. The variety from stats and anointments creates unneeded stress, which re-rolling would alleviate. There’s just too many factors to worry about in this game’s loot system.


Hi, my name is Massive and I’m a loot farmer. It’s been 0 days since my last farming expedition. My latest example of dedicated loot farming is trying to get a Red Suit from Selestro and Atomic. I told myself if I got to 50 kills and didn’t see one, I’d try to get one from trade. Guess what happened? Shout out to the community for always helping out fellow players by hooking them up with gear. Yes I was on M4 and it’s not like I was looking for annointed. I DID get like 6 Pestilences. Funny enough, I later tried farming Driver with a friend and on my 55th kill I got a Red Suit of my own.


Maybe not 100 different bonus’, but easily that many (mostlikely more!) combinations of the 50+passives i can think of

  • thoughts for reference; what i know are possible
  • Mag size, cooldown, shield cap, shield regen, shield delay, health cap+149 regen, 31%smg+pistol+shotgun+sniper+ar, 10%tediore+mali+torgue+dahl+vladof+jakobs+hyperion+atlus, 18% crit, 45%crit hyperion+dahl+jacobs+atlus, splash damage+radius, genade damage+radius+5 nade count, acuracy+x8, reload+x8, fire rate+x8 weap charge speed, torgue proj. speed, melee (that’s 61)
  • cov (3), 18% damage reduction
  • even missed cov and noone mentioned it… sure im still missing a few…

Wow , im surprise theres no "what u do after getting perfect item " comment here