This game is broken. I would like a refund

I’ve been struggling with this game a lot. Never had this much trouble with any of the previous Borderlands games. Now the game is broken and I can’t progress any further.


Struggling in what way? Broken in what way?


Man… I just refunded you spiritually! Attune your spirit to the universe and you should get it!
Enjoy, no need to thanks me! :slight_smile:


I’m supposed to go to Meridian Metroplex to get the 3rd fragment but can’t get off Sanctuary. I’ve been looking online any my map does not seem to work like it does on some of the videos. Also my ingame menu looks different from screen shots. I can’t use the drop pod, can’t use fast travel. None of the tips I read online give me any info that makes sense

Do you still need to navigate to the actual planet using the console on the bridge of Sanctuary?

Barring that, the only advice I can give is to quit fully out of the game. I’ve had the Fast Travel actually stop working once and that fixed it.

I dunno about your issue…

But about the map look, the map rotate so that the apparent map’s north is wherever you happen to look when popping the map open.

So rotate your character as needed and reopen the map! :wink:

You can’t use fast travel? If interacting with the fast travel station doesn’t work, you can travel directly from your map. If you’re currently on Sanctuary, when you open your Map you will be able to go back to Galaxy view and see all the planets there. Click a planet, then click a region, then click and hold a fast travel station (generally there’s one, but there might be two or three depending on where you’re going).

If you’re travelling to a brand new planet, in this case Promethea, then you can only get there via the drop pod the first time. You need to go to the Sanctuary ship’s bridge and interact with the panel on the big circle desk in the middle. This panel will only let you choose which PLANET to fly to. Then Sanctuary will fly through space to that planet. Once you arrive at the planet, you can go to the drop pod in the Cargo Bay and use it to get down to the planet. Once you arrive on the planet, you should get a new fast travel point on the planet so you won’t need to use the drop pod to get to Promethea again.

Hopefully this helps, good luck.


Meridian Metroplex is on Promethea right? The ship is at Promethea so I think that is correct. I can fast travel from Sanctuary to Sanctuary but that’s it. There are no other locations on my map or fast travel to go to. The drop pod is disabled. I don’t have a Galaxy view on my map. I’ve tried clicking on everything to get Galaxy view but nothing works. Never had the Galaxy view, but I’ve seen it on other people’s videos. I’ve opened and closed the game more than once, no change.

Clicking means you’re on PC right? Press the “X” button.Or go in your button configs and find it out.

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Yeah, that gave me fits until I figured it out. You’d think for all tutorials and hints in the beginning they could have made that more clear.


If you’ve never seen the Galaxy view in the Map, then there’s something you’re not pressing. On PC, I have to press “X” while viewing the main map to go from seeing Sanctuary to seeing the Galaxy, where all the planets are. What platform are you playing on? PC, Xbox or PS4?

However, if my memory serves me correctly, once you travel to a planet, you can use the drop pod to get down. If you can’t figure out the button to get into the Galaxy view (remember to look at all the button prompts on the map screen, especially at the bottom of the screen!) try taking Sanctuary back to Pandora using the control panel on the Bridge. Then do the same thing to go back to Promethea. Then go down the Cargo Bay, and find the dropship and see if you can interact with it. I think this will work.

But this would all be easier if we could help you figure out the button for Galaxy view. On PC, it’s “X”. I don’t have the game on console, so if anyone on PS4 or Xbox One could inform this fella what the button is to go to Galaxy view, that might help.

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I’ve been trying for a refund for the last several days because the gsme is having way too many issues, one of which, most times it won’t even load up. They just keep telling me the same geneeric response despite the fact that the generic respinse doesnt apply and just shows how little they care. Why else would they refuse to put up a review section?

Hello all,
I just want to know if it is possible to return this game after purchasing a digital copy and have my money refunded to me, since there is no demo version I can play to test it. I have heard this game is fun but I don’t know if it my style. I am looking for a game like Anthem but unfortunately Anthem is disappointing. So now i want to try this but i dont know if i should risk paying 60 euros for something I may not like.

I’d ask the service that would be providing the game because it’s them that would be giving the refund (or not).


Try getting borderlands the handsome collection first. its 2 games and all there DLC’s for only 50 euros
if you like those, by the time your done, BL# will have most of its problems fixed.

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if you play through bl2 (which is on sale for 5 dollars regularly) and like it, I’d suggest getting it. All the previous BL games go on sale for cheap regularly

If you want to be completely sure you can allways buy bl2 for like… almost free ? at least when its on sale… and if you like that then you will 100% like this, its basically the same but with improvements and better graphics.

I strongly agree with this claim.
After many nerf, this game has become boring.
There are many bugs and nerf in this game.
I ignored what i said in the pre-release interview and betrayed the user.
Gearbox is not player-friendly and honest.
This is a Japanese interview with EAA.

There are a number of live streams going at any given time. If you pick a streamer with a low viewer count chances are you can ask him questions you d like answered as well. This is really the next best thing to figure out if this game is for you or not.

there is 2 hours limit where u can play and refund so u can test the game for hour and a half and if u dont like it u can refund it

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