This game is going downhill

Just got done redownloading my entire game over again because of the recent update that crashed my Xbox and deleting my game. I’m losing hope for this game as I was obsessed with BL1 and 2. Millions of guns to use but 90% of them are useless. Drop rates are worse then the BL1 and 2. PLZ FOR THE LOVE OF BORDERLANDS AND THE COMMUNITY, BUFF THE GUNS BACK THE WAY THEY WERE! Everytime you guys Nerf a good gun, you buff up the enemies with the mayhem mode like crazy, especially 4 and The guns that are nerfed would be useful for M4! And you guys should add the DLC guns for free for people who don’t own the season pass, since you released a half finished game along with releasing game crashing updates every month that don’t fix ANYTHING. Please gearbox, your ruining this game that could be 100% better if you just listen to the community and not the whiners who want everything nerfed.

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Not going to get better bro. They cater to the streamers who have the entire day to play. They do the social media for them. For them it is free advertising. So they will always cater to the elitists and streamers. A streamer talk up a great weapon it will get nerfed, a streamers says the game is too easy, they will make it harder. On and on. They do not care about the 80% of use who are casual gamers with limited play time. The game is changing to make the streamers happy, ignoring what the masses may want.
All the complaining in the world isn’t going to change that. This is why i left to go play Outer Worlds. I have now come back, and the game is still broken. I came back to find more nerfs, Guardian ranks not working, and on and on. It is very sad.

It comes down to advertising for them, they already got our money. Now they want the streamers to bring in more suckers.

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So true, I believe it. Streamers always get what they want and dumb developers listen to them all the time.

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Probably best to not insult the folks who you complain don’t listen to you, on their own forum, in spite of the fact that the devs read this forum.