This Game is good...However

Project 1v1 is an amazing concept. It’s trading card game being transferred into real time is a sort of dream come true with any Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic player as a kid. However, this game needs some work. Maybe some different ways to play 1v1 games. Such as team based 1v1 games where a team goes against another team, but they all play one-on-one against the corresponding player (i.e. #1 plays the other #1 and so on). So far the Rocket Launcher is the most overpowered weapon here. In order to play with the shotgun or the rail gun you need to be a surgeon. It’s so hard to kill someone with those weapons. The other weapons don’t seem very appealing to me either. I also feel that you should be able to customize your guns (i.e. Skins, Sights, Attachments).

Some certain sights I would like to see are Red Dot Sight, Holo Sight, Infrared Sight. I’m not sure on attachments yet. Other than those few things I feel that a good marketing campaign and some moves in the right direction can really propel Project 1v1 into eSports and creating a Dota-like following due to the strategic variations of each player made “classes” that is available to you.

I think part of what we may want to look at is the intended path here. The characters themselves feel a little MOBA-esque in my opinion, but customization would steer this game clear of that.