This game is great, never stop to support it!

I bought BB a few days ago, and I’m loving it, people are strange sometimes , we hope to be updated and kept alive for a long time, it is a great game! :grin:


Yep, Battleborn is the most underrated game in years.


has great potential, we hope it continues on its way :blush:


Good to see more new people.


Welcome to the Solus System and welcome to the GBX-Forums :heart:


Today I unlocked CALDARIUS, wow he is hilarious


Because when the company we all know - and some agee it is forbidden to mention it’s name, ever- “celebrates” one event with a bunch of sprays, icons and NPC addition to it’s games it gets a media attention, while Battleborn Winter Update is not even considered newsworthy?
Nah :wink:

As 4 the OP
Never stop is a very long run…

Caldy is the main of my fiance at the moment, its loads of fun to play as Rath together with a good Caldarius!


It’s a whole lot of fun. Shame that the game is underrated and doesn’t have the success it deserves.


Welcome to the forums, and the game.

It’s flawed, but it is definetly a fun one. Phoebe, Whiskey Foxtrot and Orendi are my favorites.

IKR! I play as Rath and @lolattheseforums plays Caldarius and it’s a blast. All those Top Damage Dealer assists I get, so much teamwork!

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As Rath I´m quiet horrible, but I noticed I get faaaar better performance in my assissin-role when my fiance takes Caldy or Mellka - theres a certain synergy I cannot point out, but it feels just glorious^^


These “new player” threads always make me feel good.

@schwarz83, if you are on PS4, you should join the “Forum Friends” chat; plenty of players to match up with at pretty much any hour of the day.


I’m on xbox one, but I’m finding people quickly in matchmaking these days

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That’s good to hear, and the playerbase seems to be picking up on PS4 a little too. Wait till you do Toby’s Friendship Raid! It gets a tad repetitive after a bit, but the dialog humor is top notch.

@HandsomeCam How can I join the Chat? I am on PS4 and never knew it existed?

@FlamesForAll, i got someone who wants to join “Forum Friends”. Add me back on it while your at it, please, because i finally figured out how to mute it if necessary.

@ninjaneb01, just keep in mind that the chat is constantly pinging from all the players messaging each other, and that you’ll have to go to the “notifications” section of the “options” menu to turn off message notifications if you don’t want to leave the chat. This will keep you from being notified when you get ANY message, so you’ll have to manually enter the message menu regularly to check for new messages; it’s easier than it sounds.

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Thanks @HandsomCam for the heads up, definatly will do so. Notifications are generally off for me anyway, as I really dislike them.

We might run into each other then sometimes, I´m on XB1 too :heart:


I’ll see what I can do, but, the chat has a 100 person limit and it has been there for a while, with new people being invited as soon as someone (rarely) leaves!