This game is now in a humble bundle?!?!?!

Just go F2P already. I haven’t touched this game since Overwatch and no one will be coming back unless there’s an actual community.

This isn’t like Borderlands where you can afford to have a “slow launch” because matchmaking depends on people actually playing.

Go the Evolve route, no sense waiting another year.

Kinda sucks I spent 60 bucks on this game when it’s worth 25% of that, but at least I got a good weekend out of it.

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f2p might be a good temporary solution… but even though its dirt cheap now the player base was at 2.5k average last week, now its half that.

this game still has a lot of things “wrong” with it that is scaring away new players.

the matchmaking is really really bad for new players.

you got 5 man premades all level 100 just smashing pugs of all sub level 20 players.

if these new players lose 9/10 of the games they play… they probably wont want to keep playing the game very long… even if it is only 5 bucks or free.

also theres still a lot of lag issues.

there are times when i will shoot some1 in the face, or some1 will walk through aoe and take no damage, that will frustrate new players a lot too.

the sad truth is that this game is losing players on a daily basis, not because of how much it costs, but because its simply not fun for most people.

just look at this pic…

imagine buying a game, youre trying to get into pvp the first time and u get matched up against a 5 man premade of all highly skilled level 100s… u get absolutely murdered… time and time again… nobody wants to play a game where they lose 95% of the time.

the matchmaking needs to be fixed so some of the new players can get some wins, get that dopamine rush from winning… its not really “fun” for most people to lose 10 games in a row in brutal fashion.


u got one team with a level 2, 2 and 4… verses an entire 5 man premde of highly skilled and experienced level 100s.

we all know the outcome of this match right here.

when u get “matched” in these types of games its 100% loss chance and nobody wants to participate on a guaranteed beatdown.

we dont buy games and play them to be constantly brutalized and never win, we buy games to play them, and beat them. (in this case you cant beat battleborn per se, but you can win, which makes you feel good. but low lvl players wont win with this type of unfair matchmaking, they lose intrest from losing 10 times in a row and they usually just quit and find a game with more level playing field)

honestly, why do people bother commenting on here if they have nothing constructive. And I swear, if I here another “haven’t played this game since Overwatch” I might sell my copy of Overwatch because I hate it so much!


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