This game is so cool but I need to be able to zoom out farther

(michelt) #1

For AI games it’s ok the way it is. Multiplayer is just so much faster and it’s hard to keep an eye on everything. The zoomable map is cool but doesn’t help you much with the details of topography. I am good vs the ai but I am quite bad in multiplayer and it feels that this is mostly because it’s so hard to keep an eye on everything. In game zoom doesn’t do the Job. I need to be able to zoom out much farther. The window shown is too small otherwise. When I switch to the map I get a nice view on everything but I can’t control my Units effectively because details of map topography are not shown. Quite often my Units don’t ifre because a hill top is in the way. This is my main concern about the game. Otherwise it’s perfect! Units look extremely cool, gameplay mechanisms are really cool, effects are really cool, too. Soundtrack, of Course, is beautiful. It’s only this one obstacle I was talking about that makes mp loaded with Frustration for me.


You can always select a unit and press V to visualize the height levels on the sensor manager (fancy name of the big map).

Regarding units management you can always Ctrl+Click one of units to select all of each kind and assign control groups for it (the list of control groups on the screen is a nice way to say "yo, these features are here for a reason, you better use them).

And to add new units to a group without having to reasssign them all, you only have to do one thing: Ctrl+Click a unit on the sensor manager, and Ctrl+Shift+Number of the control group.

If you have all your AAVs in the group 2 and want to add the newest ones to it, Ctrl+Click the AAVs to select and then hit Ctrl+Shift+2