This game is Unbeareable

I really like this game.

But I cant stand it.

I never thought I would want a P2P connection over servers, but your garbage servers are easily the worst aspect of any game I’ve ever played. BF4 at launch crashed less then your servers disconnect me.

I have played over 50 matches of single player, only managed to finish 16, two of those I lost and didn’t make it all the way througth.

I’m playing with the damn Sword of Damocles over my head. At any second ready to drop and ruin my game.

I saved Calderious, I killed the jailer, I’m getting the wrap up dialogue, and MID sentence I lose connection to server.

And don’t tell me I should get better internet. My connection is Fine. I can play Battlefield all day without a disconnect. I can play P2P games all day without a disconnect, Gearbox, I can play Borderlands Co-Op with out getting kicked.

Please just give me the ability to play SINGLEPLAYER without having to go through your stupid WORTHLESS servers.

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That, and server locking on console. Thanks


What do you mean server locking, and I don’t see how anything could possibly compare in importance to just being able to play the game.

Oh, and update, I’ve tried playing 3 games of singleplayer since my OP, all of them disconnects. I don’t think I’m going to play this game again. Not unless you fix this gearbox.

This is wretched. This is an absolute joke. Just let me play the game. Thats all I want.

In multiplayer and single player, sometimes the game hooks you up with servers on the other side of the world, which is a huge problem with Ausies and Asians. Where you from (country wise)

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I’m from the Western United states, and whats amazing is that I seem to have the worst connections with Western US Servers.

When ever I try to connect to West Us Servers, I either fail to even get past the character select, or I lose connection within the first 5 minutes.

Im from Western USA too. I’ve played maybe 300 games single player and multi and i’ve gotten disconnected one single time on a monuments incursion PVP battle. I still remember that one time. I play with USA friends all the time PVP and no one gets disconnected even remotely slightly close to the amount of times you’ve gotten.

You get disconnected 70 % of the time from western USA?

You say you don’t want people to tell you it’s on your end but guess what, it’s totally on your end.

That or the servers are accidentally connecting you to somewhere in like Zimbabwe.

But if they aren’t, it’s definitely on your end. Consult your ISP provider or check your console/computer settings.

EDIT - sorry if my post sounds so negative, but when you’re like “i’m from the USA and im getting disconnected 75% of the time I try to play the game”, and you search around the board topics and see that barely anyone - if anyone - from the USA has this type of prolonged extreme problem, it’s probably something wonky going on with your own connection.


Then why can I play Literally ANY other game without interruption?

Why is it when I play this game and I do get into a lobby, I don’t experience lag. I’ll just be going along, and the game just cuts out suddenly.

I don’t have this problem anywhere else other then this game.

I pay for 25mbs internet, which in reality averages out to about 10 which is annoying and feels kind of like I get ripped off, but 10mbs is not bad. I don’t suffer lag, I don’t experience buffering when watching videos.

It’s literally just this game.

And I’ve tried looking up my problem, and it seems like it’s supposed to be a pervasive issue.

Just go to these links and there are a ton of people who complain about server issues.

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@jaden374, @ninjaneb01

I’ll speak in defense of there being something wonky from the west coast us at least on PS4.

Playing split screen phoebe op with my wife today we were red barring, and it has happened in the past and before anyone says it’s my internet please realize I’ve been around here for quite a while as @FlamesForAll can attest and I played Star Wars battlefront with no issues whatsoever

But @0anesthetic4u this is bugging me to no end, the title of this topic has a grammatical error it’s unbearable!


Just a quick throw in… but didn’t they add the option to choose the region before you start a Mission?

I think it was added beforecthe Winter Update, but I didn’t check if it’s still there…


Even going by “use optimal data center” it went red, but it does it so randomly that testing different regions is suboptimal

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Ever since the Winter Update in January, something has DEFINITELY been wonky with the Battleborn servers!

I don’t know what it is, and I never red or yellow bar, but I still regularly get disconnected from whatever lobby I am in (unless I’m hosting) after 50-75 percent of the lobbies I am in after matches.


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So i actually used to have a similar problem actually, it suddenly stopped happening though im not sure why(glad it did though… knocks on wood)

One thing im curious about with battleborn though is, how strict its ping time out is? Say in something like battlefield or many other games if you say drop a packet or 2 it wont really care and keep trucking BUT is battleborn like NOPE DISCONNECT! If it is that strict, its very possible that could be an issue. Maybe try some line tests? Check the ping and jitter and maybe even like a trace route to google and see if any of the hops have issues.

Doesnt hurt to check :3


And that’s why Bb should lose its dependancy on servers when it comes to PvE. And I’ll keep hammering on this.

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Hey! I respect your opinion and dont want to sound rude

But in proving your point that it is a pervasive issue, did you really just manage to scrounge together four examples respectively from May 2016, September 2016, May 2016, and May 2016?


I play from mexico, only few times the game have this wierd hiccups where i get dced from the server.

They are not commun at all. What is a bit commun but not to the point of unplayable are the lost connection to the host and cant re-join. Restart the game always fix it tho.

I just looked up Battleborn Servers Disconnect Constantly in google, and looked at the top couple results.

There were more, I just felt like my point had been proven enough.

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As an Australian this has been my feelings since day 1.


I would be the happiest Finisci on Solus if they did this! I-I DON’T WANT TO DIE, YOU GUYS!! I’M TOO YOUNG!! I think…