This game is unplayable on Xbox

TVHM Mayhem 4

Almost God tier meta gear. Bullet Witch Amara.

This game is completely unplayable. It constantly drops frames HARD (I’m talking a full 5 seconds) and crashes because my weapons are doing way too much damage.

I fire a single Recursion shot and the game just ■■■■■ itself. Been crashing or bugging out way too often.

And no I’m not going to use sub-optimal gear to avoid this. If I can melt an entire room full of enemies in a single shot I should be able to without worrying my Xbox will crash.

And also no, do not nerf the Recursion or my build to fix this. This is a problem with PERFORMANCE not BALANCE.

EDIT: My build in case the devs need to recreate this

I wish I could relate.

XB1 or XB1X?

Xbox One X Scoprio edition. Performance mode.

At first I thought it was a problem with the thermal paste, which has been a confirmed issue for some Scorpio editions, and other games crash once in a while but not to the same extent. I’ve had this system for almost 3 years now, so I doubt it was that. Only had an overheat once last week, and it was while playing this game.

Then after talking to some friends playing at this level they said the same things happen to them.

This game is just a performance MESS when you do too much damage. Like the game literally can’t handle it.