This game is unpleasant to play

I recently picked up Battleborn because I loved Borderlands and was interested to see if their new IP was any good, and also to see if the comparisons to Overwatch were fair. After playing it seems as if the comparisons to OW are pretty ridiculous, this doesnt even feel like the same genre, it’s just they’re both cartoony shooters with heroes in them and that’s where the similarities end.

Unfortunately attempting to play this game has been awful, it took 3 days of attempts just in order to get past the title screen because it kept displaying error messages. After finally getting into the game I discovered that the game has pretty decent combat hidden behind 15 different visual filters, some awful design ideas, and the worst UI I’ve ever seen in a video game. For some reason there has to be a million different things being displayed on my screen at once. I’m sure everyone has seen this picture:

This is a good example of how cluttered the screen and UI get during missions, it’s incredibly unappealing and strains my eyes a lot.

Also I think the fact that these 25-35 minute long missions have complete fail states is ridiculous. I just played a match one PS4 via split screen and we were defending a sentry (who’s health is not displayed in split screen) and it died and we got booted to the main menu. Escort missions aren’t and have never been fun I don’t understand why this was made.

Also did I mention how terrible split screen is? I wanted to get a friend in on my second account but it took 20 minutes of attempts to sign in before it worked, then when it did work we couldn’t play story online because the secondary account hadn’t finished the prologue. When we attempted to play the prologue it told me that it is a solo only mission and we couldn’t do it. Now I understand the prologue being solo only but surely on a guest account they don’t expect us to play that entire mission so we can finally do co-op online. Basically we were limited to private story missions, which should be offline, but aren’t. We then discovered that in split-screen 90% of the already minuscule text was now only a few pixels. We literally couldn’t read the text. Fortunately I had played the character my friend was given (he had to pick “random” because he hadn’t completed the prologue) before and gave a brief description of his abilities since we couldn’t read it out. The text on the helix menu was only readable within about 2 feet from the TV so every time one of us levelled up I jumped off the couch to read out what the options were so we could decide.

This wasn’t fun. I bought the Handsome Collection on PS4 because the split screen works great, much better than the split screen PC mod my friend and I had used up to this point to play locally. It even has adjustable FOV.

I do not understand how the same company that created possibly the best co-op experience currently on consoles also made this terrible mess which left my eyes stinging from the awful visual effects as well as having to strain to read the smallest text known to man.

All I want to know is how do I get more enjoyment out of this game? I genuinely enjoy the combat and skill/helix system but find many of the design choices to be unenjoyable.


Many of these issues have been talked about in other threads and you asked a loaded question at the end there.

  1. The comparisons should be stopped because as you said, there are only a few similarities.
  2. I enjoy many things going on on my screen because it really tests your concentration on the task at hand and multitasking, like any good MOBA-esque game should. I can agree the screen gets very notably colorful in this game though.
  3. Many people have brought up their annoyance with splitscreen and the mission failures. I personally find it annoying to get very far and fail at times as well.
  4. Take a deep breath and trust GBX will fix these problems in due time. They have a lot of work to do since the game is still relatively new.

Oh and yes I really enjoy this game. I have logged in 250 hours into this game, CR 100, earned gold on all the campaign missions on both Normal and Advanced, and mastered 11 characters so far and looking to make that 14 in the next few days. I have had my share of frustrations along the way, but I’m still really enjoying it.


Damn thats unlucky. The only ever problems i’ve had either fixed itself or required a simple relaunch of the game. Never took more that 2 minutes to sign in (still a lot, but not unbearable). Splitscreen on PS4 (consoles in general) runs very good, with a few framedrops here and there.

BB on PC seems to be riddled with problems though.

The screencap also shows a worst case scenario, as it pretty much can’t get more cluttered than that. The visual style seems to be either a hit or miss.

Not on PS4 but I did hear about the split screen issues that they are fixing. If you just want to farm the story mode or just complete it, I recommend just playing them by yourself. You get them done faster but if you want to play with others, yes you can fail then you have to restart it. Don’t get the big deal from that. If you do raids or whatever you wanna call it in other games, if you fail, you have to restart too.

Sometimes the colors are a bit too much from the chaos but this “screen clutter” doesn’t bother me nor did I ever recognize it to be cluttered. Guess my eyes are used to many things happening at once. Also on PC you can change your FOV so I have mine maxed out so I can see a bit more of the environment

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damn thats weird. i love this game and the combat. this is my most favorite game in the past 10 years id say.

i dont have any problems engaging in combat or killing anyone, althought it did take me a few weeks to understand this game works dkifferent than say, CoD games.


The higher than average on screen information is a blessing for me, i cant stand not knowing whats going on where at all times/boringly slow information streams that the likes of overwatch and halo have.

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The good news is you’ve already seen the worst case scenario as far as screen being cluttered, it doesn’t get any worse than that picture.

Split screen can be annoying I dont play much split screen unless my wife wants to play but it is annoying(I didn’t really like BLs either)

As for the missions, they’re not that long basically 30-45 min, and they remind me of raids from every mmo game which I dont mind

I don’t understand the point in this thread or threads like this…
There are plenty of us who enjoy this game… that’s why there is a fairly active and robust forums.

I don’t see what the point is in posting a giant rant that basically boils down to “I don’t like this game” in a forum board comprised of primarily (probably around 95%) people who thoroughly enjoy this game.

If you don’t enjoy it… I am sorry to hear that. You are truly missing out on one of the best gaming experiences out there.

The in game visuals aren’t very beginner friendly, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
Most of us players can look at that infamous picture and can make perfect sense of it and recognize every detail of it and know exactly what’s going on in it.

My anti-rant rant ranting about your rant is finished now. Thank you and good day sir!


That was kind of my thought I figured out what was going on in this pic in like 3 seconds lol


I must say I don’t find the HUD particularly cluttered. You can adjust it in settings, including to get rid of the minimap. Maybe try that… I can say confidently that my eyesight is in the poorest shape of anyone on this forum but Battleborn doesn’t bother me too much.

I can see the escort and defence type missions aren’t for everyone. I personally don’t identify them as my preferred gaming experience (I prefer narrative - the prologue and algorithm are my favourite chapters) but I still find them all tremendously fun thanks to the variation in characters and dialogue. I’ve played the maps many times now and none of my attempts have been the same.

Missions tend to take me longer than for you… I’m presumably not as efficient a gamer. But even in a 50 minute mission, when I fail at the last outpost, I don’t mind. I’m always happy to dust myself off and try again. I love the difficulty and failability! The more challenging maps remind me of the Borderlands 2 Magic Slaughter. There’s an element of masochism involved in knowing you’ll sometimes fail, but that just makes success more enjoyable.

Was the solo prologue really such a chore? It was pretty short for me (and I take things slowly); I appreciated the time to work out what was going on at my own pace before diving into coop (still in a fairly confused state). You describe it like being forced to read an instruction manual before you can mess about with an electronic device… well it’s a pretty badass instruction manual. Like the rest of the game, such good writing.

So, in short, while I’m not denying your experience of ‘this terrible mess’, I think your experience of this is very subjective. In my own subjective opinion, this game has flaws, but they’re outweighed by its qualities and moments of real brilliance.


I really enjoy the game and have a lot of fun with it. I don’t like the fail states for story missions but once you’ve played them a few times, you don’t fail often as you learn how to beat them. The game can get busy but it’s never bothered me much and I’ve learned how to get better at deciphering everything on screen. Personally, I like the UI, especially little touches how you can see when someone is looking at their helix because the little DNA chain pops up as a hologram in front of them.

Can’t comment on splitscreen as I haven’t tried it yet.

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I actually feel your pain with the split screen. I have 2 small kids and they wanted to play. So I was going to set up a private vs game and I had to create new accounts for them and then, basically no characters were available to play so it would choose Oscar mike. I was a smidge annoyed since I had to listen to one of them yell because they couldn’t play Thorn.

According to one of the posts by GBX staff, they are working on adding a control to let the player adjust the intensity of the VFX. Not sure if this is coming to all platforms, or just PC, though.

Probably something to do with the fact that saves are all server-side, and the way that’s tied to both your Steam/XBL/PSN and SHiFT accounts. How much extra would it cost to add one PS+ account reserved for whoever wanted to play local co-op with you? That way, you’d only need to run prologue once on that account. (Although I really like the prologue as a mission, and would like to be able to co-op it!)

Yes Raids are meant to be like that but these are normal difficulty story missions, hence the frustration

I love the combat despite all the screen clutter

The rant is pretty much just me venting a little, but mostly I posted this because I wanted to know what other people get out of it. I love Borderlands so I know GBX makes good games and I want to know how to better enjoy this game which appears to be more of an acquired taste.

The helix thing you mentioned is great I have to agree

Edited the end to be less “loaded”, that really wasnt my intention.

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Currently trying to play again after reading some of the replies here and deciding to give it another chance, but I still cant sign in.

The frame drops in split screen are not what bothers me, I used to play PS3 so I am used to that in split screen.

Yes you’re right, perhaps it just isnt for me