This game is unpleasant to play

It’s your lucky day. The situation displayed in your post will literally solve itself in about 3 seconds.

You (I’m guessing intentionally) found one of the worst possible moments to take a picture. Or the best moment to disingenuously prove a point.

Let’s run down the list, shall we?

  • “Niveau Superieur” : you just hit level 5. Congrats. That’s your Ultimate ability. It happens once per game, and will fade in a couple seconds.
  • Four of the text lines along with the colorful pictures down the right side are notifications for your teammates doing the same. All 5 of you dinged together. Marvelous.
  • Ghalt’s face at the top is a scripted dialog event for the mission. He’ll also be gone momentarily, along with the subtitle text.
  • The level up prompt at the bottom is waiting on you. You just leveled up, so I’m not surprised you have taken care of that yet.
  • The gear purchase prompt on the right is also waiting for you.
  • The giant yellow circle sparking the bottom left of your screen is an AoE from your teammate. It will be off your screen as soon as you move, or in a few seconds when the power duration ends.

The situation you’ve presented will only happen for a maximum of 3-5 seconds every half-hour. And only if everyone hits level 5 all at the same time, and while you’re getting mission chatter, and while el dragon drops an AoE with a very specific helix pick, while you’re over shielded.


If this is indeed the case, then you should have simply stated so in the post instead of going on and on about why the game grinds your gear(box)s.

This game is loads of fun. In its current state most of the forums could agree that it is better suited for consoles, not there pc.
The game is at its best when you’re playing with a team who communicates. Plug in your mix, play strategically, and have a good time.
Play every character you can, until BOOM! It happens. A character clicks with you. They fit your playstyle perfectly and everything just seems right. “A hero shooter for every type of bad ass” find your bad ass. I would suggest “maining” that character until you are more comfortable with the mechanics of the game and game modes.
It’s not an fps twitch shooter go lone wolf kill em all and get a nuke game… play as a team and don’t be afraid to run away and let someone else get the kill.

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This isn’t an easy game to play which is why it’s fun for some and not for others. You have some people who want to be able to pick up the game and start kicking ass. This isn’t Overwatch. There is an unbelievable amount of depth in Battleborn. Understanding maps and single player levels is a challenge in itself. This game is best played in a group. If you stick around long enough and show that you know how to play, you’ll get invites. story missions scale for the number of players. Having trouble with a mission? Try it solo with Oscar Mike or someone that has enough range to defend objectives. Being new and picking Rath because he looks cool won’t be fun. As far as the screen goes, it doesn’t bother me. But split screen…come on man. No one even adds it anymore and if they do people just complain. The days of spilt screen will soon be gone forever. Anyways, good luck if you’re still around. If not, you’re missing out.

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I agreed wholeheartedly until you said this.

The problem with BB having a lousy split screen is the fact that Borderlands has an amazing split screen. You can’t say that people will complain if they do and complain if they don’t when it’s clear that Gearbox has perfected split screen and could’ve easily implemented it into BB.

I mean come on, that left HUD is completely worthless and takes up a third of the screen. I can barely see my helix descriptions on a 50" TV :sob:

I could forgive the lousy split screen if they had at least linked the season pass to the system and not the account holder. I don’t and shouldn’t have to pay for two season passes when I only do split screen. Borderlands was a great example. It linked to your system not your individual account :sob:

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I beg to differ. its amazing.

Agreed on the cluttered feeling of the game. The game tends to get very busy with effects, gui elements, character elements,…

If you play a bit more some if it gets a bit easier to interpret so it won’t bother you as much. I do hope they find a way to tone it all down some though.