This game just keeps getting stranger and stranger

So, today I decided to load up Nisha and do a run with her. I had received a head for her while playing as Athena yesterday, so I decided to check that new head out. I decided to also change her skin, and as I was looking through her skins list, I noticed she had the Horizons skin.

Here’s the kicker. The Horizons skin is a challenge reward for completing Rank 5 of the Up Unt At Zem(Revive a co-op partner) challenge. I haven’t played any co-op with any one, soooo how did I get a reward for a challenge I never even started?

I’m not trying to complain or anything, but what’s even more bizzare is the fact that it was Nisha alone that got this skin. I checked my other toons and none of them have the skin for completing the Up Unt At Zem challenge.

Just one more thing to add to the ever growing list of weird things going on in this game I guess.

Free skins ^_^/

That’s how you should look at it

I do, just wish it had happened with all of my other characters as well, not just Nisha.

Theres so many bugs with the heads and skins…

My Wilhelm periodically loses the skin and head from the holodome then they re appear later
Every character had the holodome skins and heads auto unlocked
Aurelia had everything unlocked from the get go.

Yeah same here, except that for me Athena didn’t have any unlocked yet everyone else did…

This is probably not true, it says you have x/x unlocked but there are still more I started out with 5/5 heads with Aurelia and now I have 6/6 and I know there are more it just doesn’t have the correct max number in the 2nd spot. I noticed this on my Jack at first too but it no longer does this on him.

Whelp, was checking out the Vending machines today and saw this in the weapon vending machine:

Had to let it go cause it cost more than what I had.

Seems its just the mission rewards that were yet to be unlocked by her