This game needs a badass slotmachine

My friends and i have a dumbass brain. And we love to blow loads of cash on Moxxi’s slotmachine in Borderlands (you guys know that game right?) And then we forget to buy ammo/health and laugh as we get caught empty handed by bandits who will be salting our wounds in due time. what about adding a slotmachine in this game that eats unwanted gear as payment then pukes out new gear for you to feed with. The rarity being based on the amount and rarity of the gear your willing to sacrifice. Add slotmachine coins to loot crates found throughout the game that allow free spins to encourage use of this mechanic. Maybe make the coins off different rarity aswell or coins that only allow specific gear to be rewarded.



Okay this would be pretty cool


Even though I don’t think a slotmachine could fit inside the missions, I’d really enjoy a slotmachine concept in the gear menu.

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Seeing as how it may follow other multiplayer games with unlockable characters maybe Battleborn can do the same using a slot machine mechanic.

Characters the player hasn’t locked go in a rotation every week. When the player logs in, the slot machine decides which of the locked characters gets a free play for the week.

I would prefer a “Grinder” for loot-exchange-esque utility. Crush 3 crappy gear and have a chance of getting something slightly less crappy!

As for Slot Machines…How about IG you can use collected shards to have a go at it and be rewarded with more shards, health orbs, overshields, and/or a free coupon for a weapon/turret upgrade? shrugs

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Now I may be wrong, but if i recall, i was pretty sure that you spent money from playing on packages that worked like a slot machine, giving you random stuff, and you could get rid of that stuff for more money (but less than you paid). In game, the containers are random and contain 3 out of a multitude of pick-ups, kind of like a slot machine, but, like, not quite.
The problem I see with a slot machine is that it’d seem redundant and a little too cartoony for Battleborn, which tries to be a step up from borderlands (I mean, you still got a character with the same voice as tiny tina, it can’t be serious, but they tried)

Maybe they could do something more like a slot machine for skins or something?

(maybe this wasn’t in the game 2 months ago)

I feel like the game already has enough RNG with the gear system. Any more, and I feel like it would be a negative to the game itself.

RNG always hates me, so if there is too much of it, I tend to get frustrated.