This game needs a competitive scene

As the title says this game needs a competitive scene to give people more incentive to play after CR100(at least until ranked play is up and running)

Maybe we should create a tournament for ourselves we could do it all on here and all we would really need is one person per team willing to stream it. We could do it on every platform that we can get enough people to sign up for. We would also need some rules but I’m sure there are smarter people than me to figure that out lol. I’m just throwing out an idea and if it sticks we as a community could help this game grow and we could all have some fun in the process.

What do you guys think? Would it be possible? If so what should the rules be I’m sure more of you are more experienced with competitive gaming than i am. The more I think about it the more I want this to happen

Or not lol

They should introduce rank mode and different types of ranks like leagues of legend. Now in days the majority of gamers don’t really play for fun (you can thank csgo and leagues for that). Now its all about competitive play, especially in a moba shooter