This game needs fair server selection

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This has been happening since launch. It’s incredibly unfair when a majority of players can be given a red or yellow connection. Is this issue on the team’s radar?

The players on yellow (me and the other) flickered between red and yellow through the match. :confused:


Look even more all ranged team comp play!

Cripes thats alot of poor connection, was the lag unreal?

It was business as usual for me (so yes, it was awful.)

If memory serves me right, your an Aussie, yes?
Do you all not have your own server? I cant see why not if so.

There’s an Australian server out there - a mythical land of green bars - but on PS4 (and I hear XBox), it’s almost impossible to end up being placed on it. And the matchmaking appears to make no effort to find a middle-ground location (like an East Coast or East Asian server) either. :confused:

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Well that just doesnt make any sense, hopefully somebody can come in here an shed some light on the server availabilities and what not in that part of the world.
Which server are you playing on? Hopefully not one on the opposite end of the world.

We don’t get to influence it whatsoever on console: there’s no region locking at all. But I’m red bar most games, so yes, opposite end of the world.

I have an intimate feel for the various locations now, which was helped by the fact that for a short period we could pick server location in private matches (this feature appears to be broken now, though.) There are servers that Australians can play with US players and get at least tolerable latency - East Coast and East Asian servers I’m guessing - but it’s total luck whether I get onto one of those. And what I consider “tolerable” is unplayable for most, haha.

West Coast and European servers are torture, but Australians are forced to play on them all the time.

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Hey look it’s me!

I’ll add my voice to the conversation (not for the first time) and BEG for server preference, at least when there’s a clear majority.

I’ve been in games with 6+ players I KNOW are Australia/NZ and we’ve ended up red bar against 3-4 greens.

All of my favourite characters are unplayable in this type of connection to the point where I don’t even choose them for fear of being completely useless.

Like if you cry everytiem


It honestly boggles me that the matchmaking don’t defer to middle ground servers whenever possible, and outright refuses to use the Australian servers. This isn’t Team Fortress 2’s Mann Vs Machine matchmaking from 2010, the servers should be selected fairly.


Middle ground would be a good compromise.

Home ground advantage for Aus vs Europe or US east coast is just not playable for one side or the other.


I know, used to have to work out matchmaking in teams of 6 that included east coast, Eur and Aus back when I had a big friend circle on steam. Absolute nightmare to figure out.

Middle ground is always best.

Devs, please say something. This topic has been silence from you since August, and before that you said you were working on it and there should be news soon. Part of the reason your game is alive right now is because all of us now are like a really big family that have never actually met each other. Please don’t leave aussies and presumably the Japanese (who can’t even communicate here, so the aussies have to on their behalf) sleeping underneath the stairs (because they’re neglected, down under, and are wizards when it comes to this game). You guys have been so communicative on so many fronts. Then… nothing (Jythri once threw out something in a battleplan in response to eden that shows at least you’ve seen the post and their concern. But still. Please)


Agreed. They need to say something, literally anything. Even if it’s not what anyone wants to hear it’s better than trying to pretend the problem isn’t there and hoping it goes away.