This game screems amiibo type peripheral

I’m glad it’s not.

But I want to Benedict toy.
Gearbox and McFarlane toys
Make it happen

I suggest you both restructure and rephrase your thread. I can hardly tell what this is about ^^

amiibo is a cancer.

a cancer of love.

Certainely wouldn’t mind a figurine of Ghalt, Phoebe and Orendi.

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League of Legends has 27 Million active players per day, and they just recently introduced a merch store.

I think they would rather wait for the development of a community (or at least the game release), before they offer merch x)
Although a set of figures for my favourite Battleborn would surely be nice to ease up the comparison with reference material ^^
Aside from looking awesome of course.

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When I read peripheral I went straight to second screen functionality/capability. Funny coz I was contemplating making a thread about that exact thing!

To the intended topic, though, I agree with @TheFunfighter, there needs to be a massive community before worrying about merch. This isn’t the 80s where almost everything was cross-promoted with action figures. Although Battleborn figures that can do taunts, that would be pretty sweet!

No, no it doesn’t.

Neither did I until I looked up what amiibo is.