This game sounds like a f2p title

But its not. What gives?

stop with this nonsense… you wanna see f2p title ? check paladins… That is some barebones stuff…

sounds like a cheap one too. dont get me wrong. this game rocks, like the other one did in the beta. however, luv ya all.

Well Spamlog… It all started with Borderlands. They released 2 really great, well thought out, well developed and tested games…

They skipped the latter 2 on this game and piggybacked off Borderlands success and fooled everyone into blowing $60.

(Not me though, I know better)

For me, it’s Free2Play as it should be. In fact every single game ever, going forward will be Free2play for me. If the game is actually a finsihed prodcut that was tested, I mean TESTED!! CLOSED, BETA. and not some half ass glorified beta4money scam Like Battleborn actually is… then I’ll pay money for it.

If we as gamers stop pandering to ■■■■■■ games , unfinsihed games and demand a finished, functioning product, you’ll see an evolution of the industry. Respect returned to the games.

As it is now, they laugh at the crap we’re willing to buy… All of you are getting laughed it for paying money for this. srsly.

It’s barely Free2play quality and still not release ready. Zero communication or announcements.


This thread sounds like a waste of time, what gives

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Have you actually played PvP in this game? Do that then look at your comment. LOL

I have and do so everyday. I stand by my comment.

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I’ve played it, and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve also played the PvE missions and enjoyed them too. I’ve experienced only one major bug that only comes up on a certain mission and only if players quit out at the load in screen. Otherwise, there hasn’t been that many issues that I’ve seen.

I’m sure that there could be more, and that there are some that I haven’t seen, but this game seems far from utter trash tier as you seem to be trying to make it out to be.

I didn’t say “Trash Tier” Its slightly above. On the upper end of failed retail release.

@Frost_Mikkel @girat93 @brekebrekek

Let’s not indulge the obvious troll thread lol

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I don’t see this developing into a useful discussion.