This game still has cloud sync issues?

Have not played this game since launch as I got to max level and it wiped my toon. Its now June and thought I would give it another go. I get to level 13, log in and find it ganked me 4 levels as there was a cloud sync issue.
Seriously? There are still issues with this? So I guess I should look up all the restore topics as I assume that I will have to restore a toon again in the future.

Sad… really sad Gearbox.

I’ve not had any game save issues myself. And while Gearbox certainly should put pressure on Epic to make sure their service is outstanding, it isn’t a Gearbox issue per se.

While I haven’t had any issues with Steam saves in the last couple of years I certainly had them for many before that. Here’s hoping Epic’s issues get fixed sooner than Steam’s did.

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s Epic’s cloud save feature. Same as it’s Steam, XBox Live, or PSN for the other launcher/platforms. BL3 doesn’t do cloud saves itself, only local. If Epic cloud sync isn’t working for you I would recommend turning it off. Either way, I’d roll my own backups on PC regardless.