This game would be so much better without Ava storywise

One of the worst, if not is the worst characters Borderlands has ever produced for main storyline purposes.

Everything about her in unbearable! from her attitude, to her being entitled to everything the other Vault Hunters have built up and fought for, when she has done NOTHING but been a damn human lockpick for her entire length of presence which just about any member of the cast could do with a fist, bomb, etc. In fact her 2nd major role in the story she doesnt even open the door, she just attaches a bomb Tina gave and take all the credit?! Hell give me the bomb I’ll press X and place it myself and not have to wait on her.

I have never been so discouraged looking forward to DLC in Borderlands. Ava is gonna be our boss? Ava is gonna use Siren powers and be constant voice in my head. Oh hell no!!! It’s bad enough when you had some sort of warning of her presence and could ignore her or only had to deal with ECHO. Now she’s just gonna popping up at random via Siren ESP I absolutely hate this VERY possible situation occurring.

If she’s gonna be the new Maya (who SHOULD NOT have been killed off!) with phaselocking power and leading the Crimson Raiders she better mature very quickly either by somebody punching her so hard she skips puberty and loses that whiny voice or she’s goes off to medidate under a waterfall for 3 DLCs patches and comes back more trained and humble.

I know im bashing on her alot but she is my designated bathroom/snack break. I just cant stand her and the story they made to toss her into a lead role makes me do nothing but hate her for killing off Kreig’s favorite Pretty Lady (and mine!!!) Not to mention they play it out like the vault hunters we play as do nothing and Ava gets the credit at the end. I dont know what Gearbox was thinking, but they really should retcon the whole storyline. Tannis remade the Vault Key right? Cant she just idk collect her ashes in a dustpan and digitize her or something? They did it to that Jabberwock digital Maya be good too.

Anyways though Gameplay 10/10

Story 6/10 (so far DLC pending)

Characters 6/10 (Ava knocks it down by a whole point by herself)

The vault hunters we play as feel like ghost captured in a one-track record player. Zane is the only one with real personality, Moze and Amara are fun to play as but their voiceline are more dull then a phone call from you mother, Fl4k isnt too bad but they could have done much more with him. The worst one though is Zero. He was my brother’s favorite character in the series and they completely shot his personality dead. Why does he no longer talk Haiku’s!!! That was his whole main gimmick, now he talk’s in emoji’s and teenage taunts!!! Naw i was wrong Ava/Zero these two make it score a 5.5/10 combined with the rest. Moxxi is boring now, and Ellie is pretty much the only character with any spunk who you’d like to listen to anymore…

Writers are butchering previous characters and spawning new one’s that you pretty much just want to avoid.


She’s significantly less annoying than Tiny Tina was in BL2.

Tina though however had tragic backstory which justified her crazy psychotic behavior. Not to mention a strong sense of independence or at least survivalist skills in a world where 80%+ pf the population is a psycho.

Im supposed to think Ava is a lead material cause she’s a siren for whatever reason and she lived in fart tunnel? They make no attempt to explain why Ava was destined to be a siren and it seems like every woman is bound to be one… not so rare in the universe anymore. Pretty soon some random siren is gonna die and Ellie will be one cause why not?


not true in my case but more importantly. Tina was avoidable for most of the game. There is a very real possibility Ava wont be


It sounds like your issue is with teenagers and puberty in general because I didn’t see anything in-game that would provoke manifestos on why Eva needs to be erased from history.

•Ava had a brutal childhood, as explained by the mission. That’s why she’s screwed up.

•I don’t need every character to be destined to be…whatever. I’m fine with happenstance in the chaotic world of Borderlands.

Maya bumped into a kid who very obviously needed help, and in an unparalleled act of humanity took it upon herself to lift her up from the muck and help raise the kid. As they spent time together, Maya realized this kid had moxie, and given guidance and the power to do so she could be an agent of great change. Obviously Maya had to give her Siren powers prematurely, which wasn’t ideal, and it’s fine, that’s Borderlands entropy at work.

Sure, maybe we could use some more backstory on why Maya chose to be a surrogate mother/big sister to Ava in the first place, maybe we could stand to see more of the qualities Maya saw in Ava that made her decide to give Ava that kind of power in the first place. But erasing a character just because you don’t like them? Meh.

Edit: Heck, Ava could be the villain for BL4, I like the idea that our greatest heroes are also our greatest villains.

please let me kill her off, that would be the dream scenario with Ava. Better yet have her be a joke boss like nakayama who fell down a bunch of stairs and died. She could be breaking into Tiny Tina’s new base and she be like “what you got door? you got nothing, you got no-BOOM” and she’d killed off that way. The great siren brat who’s only powers were the same one-liners and lockpicking killed by a door booby trap set by Tina. I’d laugh my ass off.


It’s so nice knowing I’m not the only one who hates Ava she’s annoying with her recycled repeated one liners along with how she bitches about not being able to do anything but takes credit anyway when all Maya was trying to do was keep her safe since ya know she got murdered which I’m still not happy about but just makes me feel better when Killin tyreen