This Gear Needs a Home

No trades required, just getting rid of some stuff from trying my current build out on the slaughter shaft and a little farming from earlier today. My bank is on the full side, so may post up some additional stuff later. All gear is level 50, unless otherwise stated.

Stuff up for grabs

The Dictator - No Anointment, No element, but it is a x6

Ion Cannon - Corrosive - x1 - 300% damage after Phaseslam

Ion Cannon - Kinetic - x1 - 100% damage on ASE

Surge - Shock - 50% Shock Damage on ASE

Seeing Dead - +4 Donnybrook +1 Playing Dirty - Fire Rate, Cryo Resistance, Atlas Damage

Seeing Dead - +4 Donnybrook +1 Violent Violence - Weapon Handling, Sniper Damage, Weapon reload

There may be more posted up later. Let me know what you want. First come, first served


Do you still have the rubs worth


Kyb’s Worth - Corrosive/Cryo
Stop Gap Corrosive on ASE would be awesome.
Pretty Please :slight_smile:

GT is LeftTurnus

Still have em all. Which Kyb’s? or do you want both

Both yours

I’ll take that splash kyb’s and x2 splash ion cannon. psn: TheNimbusKid

Umm I’ll take the crit one psn: FallenDark200

I’ll take the Cutsman

Thank you much kind sir!

Alright Guys, got to go with first requesters here

@bbmotors Shield is yours, but I got go with the earlier post for the kybs. Sorry about any confusion there
@TheNimbusKid you’re good. I think you are already on my list
@Justinkelley24 you’re first in for the kyb’s so the crit one goes to you
@Dartdodge cutsman is yours, PSN?

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Psn is Dartdodge. Thank you!

@bbmotors do you want the splash damage one?


@maxageddon ill take the splash damage one to

Sorry bud, that one got claimed in the earlier onslaught

Not a prob. Hate to see good gear go in the bin because I’m running out of room, or already have something.

No problem and thanks.
Guys like you are what makes this community great!

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Thank you, kindly!!

Still have the dictator??