This has been said before Please... please make it less tedious to level alt characters

Leveling an alt is just boring, it really sucks… we have seen the dialogue and cutscenes the first time round, i just want to enjoy the game, i want to be able to replay on a new character without all the speedbumps, the whole game starts to feel like a tutorial where we are forced to do the objectives and have no freedom…

I know the story is a part of it but its not a very big part, some concider the story a let down but the game is so good it gets a pass, like right now im excited and kinda worried, im excited because im curious of future content , how much expanse we will have access too, new planets n stuff, i can only imagine…

im worried because of these issues that remain in the game are making people loose intrest in playing other characters, ideally there should be catchup mechanisms once u completed the story the first time that give us the incentive to play other characters because right now it feels so slow and boring :frowning:

its really off putting, f**king love this game, i never took the time to go on forums for a game before in my life so it means something for me to do this.

I know its easy for us to say " ohh this should be in the game ohh and that too" because we arent involved with the development and dont understand what goes on behind the scenes but cmon man, just let us be able to press x to skip dialogue n stuff, its one of the things REALLY bugging players right now.


Totally agree. I said something similar here: UVHM should be pick your mission mode
Once you finish the story, you should be able to change character without starting from the beginning. The Commander Lilith DLC in B2 introduced the ability to start a new character at the end of the story, with some OK gear, and access to pretty much all the side missions. B3 could do the same thing and give you access to the endgame content with any new character, rather than forcing you to level up and complete the story with each new character.

it’s in the works, or at least I saw there was something about it on youtube how you could jump right to sanctuary

i think op should change the title about skipping cutscene , because before i come in , i thought its all about the player couldn’t have the patient to lvl another character to 50

I don’t mind starting from scratch. There are 3 red chests I can think of, usually get at least a couple purples.

Well in bl2 we had the practice dummy to kill in sanctuary for so to get your character to 50 and eventually 72. I’m not sure who figured it out but so imagine there has to be a work around to boost mules or secondary characters to Max level.

I took Amara through twice and did every side quest on play through one, none on play through 2. Stashed good play one loot in bank.

Then I took Moze through with the good gear from Amara and did all side quests on play 2.

Now I’m basically kiting Zane through with great gear at most every level and literally just running past every enemy that isn’t mandatory to get to bosses.

It’s still tedious but it’s really going by quickly. It’s quite shocking how many enemies you can just run right past. It’s in the 95% range.

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It’s the least tedious it’s been for me. I’ve taken seven characters through the game.

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