This has got to be my favorite Character

Ernest is amazing. I really really like this character. I out damaged and out killed everyone else on my PvE teams with this character. I’m having a great time. Highly recommended!

Dropping an egg in a choke point with the attack buffs. Or setting it next to a defend point in defense mode to encourage my teammates to stay close to the objective. The cool down reduction on direct hits, and mine gridding a choke point is great. I use mine grid offensively however. Tossing it into a crowd of thrall is a great move.

What do you guys think?

Here’s a link to some of my Ernest Gameplay from lastnight

Holy crap! I did 190k damage with Ernest on the 2nd mission of this stream.


I think Ernest will be a good counter pick for kleese for his choke point control amd support. Im excited to see him in action i hope i bump into a few people that have him lolz

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especially since you can ricochet grenades around corners!

Yeah, good AoE is a must for dispatching Kleese, and nobody does AoE like Ernest. Heck, he has it in his primary weapon.

I haven’t played against Kleese as him yet (my luck stuck me in my first PvP matches with Ernest’s best counters on the opposite side – namely stealthy, quick assassins like Deande and Pendles, piloted by good players – it didn’t go well) but I expect he’ll do well against Kleese and Ambra. Sort of an anti-territorial character territorial character.

He’s my fav as well.