This has got to be some of the worse matchmaking ever in a MP game

What is it with all the premades and level 100’s being pitted against random new low level players, just had a match where one team had all level 30 or below where the other team had 4x lvl 100 and a level 90 *most likely premade in a group as well). Of course it was a wreck worthless match…these happen all the time.

I did some testing last night, ran 11 matches of Meltdown…8 out of the 11 were total wrecks where the other team either surrendered or had at least 300_ lower points by the end of the game. This is horrible…lower than a 30% chance to have a competitive match.


Just need a solo queue option and boom, sorted.

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Id be so much happier if most of the games were more competitive… I mean a 35%ish chance of getting a competitive game is really really frustrating. I’m trying not to move on to a different game cause I love the characters and gameplay, but the lopsided teams are too frustrating.

Every MOBA seems to have better matchmaking for solo players…I know this audience isn’t huge tho so maybe it’s not an option? If not I’ll probable be quitting soon sadly.


We need the skill based system back. They turned it off last patch it seems. Im still maintaining the same win rate overall, just with a greater variance in team mate and enemy skill.

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I like it this way. No greater feeling than when those low Command Rank people win :D. Which for me has actually been closer to 50/50


Levels don’t mean much. Before you say “more gear” “better mutations”

  • How do you think the high level people got said gear?
    Answer: story mode grind + packs
    *You can do this too, normal hardcore mode grind and speed run the level while learning your character. Instead of wasting time getting owned left and right in MP"

  • Mutations
    Answer: Trust me on this one… There isn’t a mutation that breaks any character. You can still do extremely well without mutation.

  • "They know the map!!"
    Answer: Really… There is only 2 maps per mode w/ mostly everyone playing the same maps all the time. If anything you can easily play w/ bots and walk around the map of you need to.

I’ve met many low levels that outright owned Lv 100s. However I seem to lose matches with people who are trying new characters without understanding them… People who are just trying to complete lore. If you really want to go for the W though, I recommend finding some people that do well in your matches and team up with them. Trust me, they will gladly accept.

I do agree, the match making needs work but there are things you can do to fix it personally until the devs fix it.


Then you’ve been extremely lucky since the system was somewhat awful before but now it’s just totally random.

Levels do matter:

  • I got almost all my levels and gear from PvP, there’s a ton of other people like that as well since PvE is an utter joke of a game mode.
  • Galilea (must have mutations), Miko, OM, WF, … all have mutations that I’d call pretty much mandatory. Not to mention class legendaries on some characters.
  • Most beginners won’t play bot matches, they won’t know or bother with shard routes, they won’t know when to push what basic angle,… The number of times I’ve seen 4 people stacked on the overgrowth base chokepoint is nearing ridiculous levels.

Note: I’m talking about extremely low (CR10/20) people here

Just in case, not here to bash the topic. Just to say, I mentioned alternatives which everyone has access to. You mentioned your own preferences which isn’t the games fault that you are not taking advantage of.

I’m sure there are mutations that’s are a better pick in the helix options but what I said was “it will not break the character”. The most important thing you need to know is to understand the character.

Learning the maps I meant just to run around the map with a bot. You don’t need to fight. Just learn the map and quit.

Now some examples: like your preferences on how you obtained gear. I obtained 80% of all my gear grinding story mode for legendaries and tokens. There is a nice guide on the forums that lets you know what boss to farm.

2nd. I don’t use class legendaries for any of my main characters and I still own.

Third… I mostly play with Deande (I do well without her uppercut mutation but I choose uppercut which is a fast one to get because it’s critical for her with her slow speed in the beginning), Reyna and phoebe & I use ZERO mutations… And I still WIN a majority of my matches. It’s all about knowing your character and hopefully praying that the other randoms took the time to learn theirs as well. Not saying you will win all the time but you won’t lose so much either


Not here to bash your post and just want to make it clear this is analytical and not hostile, but I am afraid I disagree with your assessment of your own and the other post. The alternatives you offered were countered and shown to not actually be alternatives for valid reasons which you dismiss as “preferences”.

Here you are actually posting something that is just your opinion and it is one that is at odds with most players whom think that mutations are highly important and having them unlocked is much more of an advantage than not.

I also very much disagree with this. I have learn so much more about the choke points of a map playing with real players than i ever could have done with bots. Bots behave like bots and not like real players and often exhibit “crazy” behavior and sit in areas of the map that are far from choke points.

Now these really are preferences but they are not rules to apply to the entire player-base.

I think the point here is that CR is not a score of player skill but instead it is an indicator of game experience. Generally someone with more experience has an advantage but natural aptitude/ability can beat experience. The other problem is when you get 2 naturally talented players, as then experience once again becomes part of the equation.

It isn’t black and white and everyone seems to be arguing as if it is.

CR = experience and experience can certainly be an advantage.

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What I listed was arguments I see a lot in the forums about matchmaking and just basic alternatives you can better yourself before you enter multiplayer if you are having a hard time.

I learn better and extremely fast when facing other people, others may not be able to do this. I listed alternatives what you can do.

Many people say you need this mutations for these characters, isn’t that an opinion too? The main characters I use, I don’t touch mutations and legendaries and I still own and sometimes carry my own team. Played with low leveles that were amazing players and even faced pre made 100s with a team of randoms that were Lv 30-60 and still won. Yes I lose matches and yes I think match making needs work but people talk about the match making in these forums like it’s absolutely trash and can’t play the game

And again for the last time… I’m not talking about playing with bots… Just walking around the map. It also does not take 100 levels for someone to learn tactics on the map, let’s be for real. The only people this will matter the most is when you first start the game and start playing multiplayer. For ANY game it takes awhile to learn the map… This doesn’t count to just battle born.

Sorry if I sound that I’m coming off rude. Everyone has a chance to win matches… I highly and most recommend doing story first before jumping on pvp but everyone has their own way to play and no one can stop that.

When I was leveling up I ran into many people in my team that were just learning the character, switching characters to complete lore and we mostly lost those because I knew those weren’t their main characters. They do need to make a rank and a casual matchmaking though

You are right, it very much is.

I guess what I am trying to say is that both sides are right and wrong. That a higher CR does not mean a better player, but if two players are of the same skill, the one with the higher CR has more game time experience and likely an advantage.

As such CR does not relate to player skill but it is not meaningless and does convey details such as how much time the other player has played. Skill>experience but there are times when experience is invaluable and when skill is matched, experience can be the difference.

@RedX @mrncollins

That’s pretty much the point I’m trying to make but have some difficulties explaining.

CR doesn’t equal skill but it can’t be disregarded.
You will have “skilled” players in each CR group. But if you take someone of your own skill level who is 80 levels lower you will normally have an advantage due to more experience, more options, …

I agree, you do have more options. What I’m trying to point out is that doesn’t mean the person with more “options” will win though… That’s all. I played with Low level characters that literally destroyed level 100s with the more options

That’s true, experience does matter, I agree. Both sides are right but just trying to say some people talk about facing Lv 100s is an instant lose. Who knows… Maybe those low level characters are just learning the character (not playing for real) or just trying to complete lore to get their master. I’m sure if that low level character decided to play serious and go with the character they know… They will give the Lv 100s a run for their money. By Lv 50… I already understood the game, had a ton of gear and was winning many matches.

It depends, e.g. a galilea with all mutations will utterly destroy one without mutations if the 2 people are at the same skill level. Not taking into account all the other small things that matter.

The “problem” is that we don’t know the skill bracket of the people you’re playing with and against. Skill bracket, or whatever you want to call it, trumps CR.

In my opinion you should understand the base game mechanics by CR20 and I try to classify anyone between CR20 and 100 the same way.

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That’s true… But also many people don’t choose the proper helix option that’s best suited for the match. Also many people don’t pick a proper 5 man squad in character selection. Many of this can contribute to a loss… I’m sure many of us run down our helix picking the same things over and over all the time but there are some options that’s better suited in taking on certain characters you face. There are a ton of possibilities… Why you can win or lose a match. This is why I believe in understanding your character is important… Then in a match it also depends if your teammates understand their character or is just trying to complete lore or something. That’s why it’s kinda hard with randoms. What I did while leveling was just add people that did well in matches and played with them, however I still played with all randoms many times. I have almost 300 hrs in game so I had my fair share of many mp matches.

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Don’t get me started on having to complete lore during a PvP game, probably one of the better ways to ruin a match, ^^

Many of the reasons you listed are why I’m hoping for a “ranked” mode that rewards team work and going for the objective.

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Lol yea… Many times I hear “can we all go Eldrid for boldur lore” or the “can you pick this character to complete lore” or “just feel like trying a new character guys”. Heard a lot of many things… I usually just face palm and Prepare for the loss. Ranked mode would be amazing

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The only reason I could see them turning off the ELO system entirely in regular matchmaking isssss…Ranked Play is coming soon.