This is a dumb thing

So I’ve been interested in buying this game for a little while, since I was a HUGE fan of the Borderlands games, and I heard this game was quite good and pretty similar to them in a lot of ways. I’ve been waiting though, because I don’t really want to pay $80 for a game, I think that’s a bit much. I recently discovered that it’s only $60 on Amazon, and they offer digital downloads. Awesome! Only one problem. I live in Canada, so it’s not available to me.
So basically, because I live in Canada, the game costs $20 more. Fantastic.

Not gonna lie, I might just bite and get it for $80, this game looks pretty good. :disappointed_relieved:

Before you get it this game is NOT borderlands and if you want another borderlands do NOT get this game you will be disappointed. This game is a creature all its own and I can’t think of another game like it. It has elements from mobas, borderlands, fps games, and things that are new to me at least. So, before you get this game do some research on what your getting cause this is not borderlands.

That being said this game is AMAZING and totally worth getting. :smile: it has easily become one of my favorite games ever.

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$60 USD at the current exchange rate is $77.70 CAD. I picked it up at $80 and think it’s well worth it. Already have tens of hours into the game.

Do you mean $60 and $80 of the same currency? Maybe it’s $60 USD? I’m assuming you would have checked that, but on the off chance you didn’t…? I paid $125 for my copy, but that was in AUD.

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In response to tuba24, I am aware this isn’t at all like Borderlands, but I have heard that if you liked Borderlands, you’ll also like this game a lot.
In response to shinobido and RottenRatPelt, it doesn’t actually say on Amazon, but I would assume it’s CAD, it usually defaults to CAD. Although it is on instead of, so who knows for sure.

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Might be worth double checking then :sweat_smile:

Same I paid $125 for the digital deluxe which was a bit steep but happy to pay as I want to support this game as much as I can.

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Screw it. I’m just gonna get it. I’m sure I won’t regret it :+1:

2 Likes’s the American site. Everything’s in USD.

Awesome! :acmaffirmative:

I found it to be a steep learning curve after borderlands, but once you get the hang of it it’s amazing!

My deciding factor to spend top dollar was to support the game as well. Not just for Battleborn itself, but by supporting Battleborn I could also support the people who gave me the Borderlands series and also help support the future Borderlands game. I figured that even if this game wasn’t for me I’d still be happy knowing that I gave my support to GBX

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£125 AUD, for the standard or deluxe edition?

Digital deluxe. All the bells and whistles :acmaffirmative:

That’s okay then, you guys down there get a raw deal when it comes to games as it is without paying through the nose for them.

Yeah new release games at full price are $100 here. If you’re lucky you might find them on sale for $80 outside of gaming stores.

100aud = 72.77usd, 94.29cad, 50.71 gbp for point of reference

I wasn’t going to buy this game at full price, it just didn’t pull me in based off what I saw. I found a cdkey online for $30. I’m enjoying it so far. Hate that the game gets such a bad wrap. It’s not perfect or anything but it’s entertaining to say the least.