This is a new one on me

I’ve never seen the fusion cores come up already busted…

Happened to me once, no idea what caused it…

Me too, didn’t understand it but it didn’t stop my progression either.

It happens when splash damage hits the ceiling/walls near it. Like if you throw a tesla below the core at the entrance to the room, it blows it up. Also works with novas and rockets. Great for speed runs

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Sorry. I broke them earlier : (

This has happened to me a couple of times. I thought it was something to do with one of the weapons I was using. It could happen when the Powersuit you have to fight nearby explodes. Just a theory, mind.

As long as it doesn’t stop the mission from being completed, then it’s no biggy I guess.

Also, sweet anarchist.

It’s a bit of a bugger if you’re going for that challenge.

And I thought I was the only one who found out how to break them without opening them. I was carelessly throwing around my freshly bought nasty surprise and suddenly the objective checkbox was ticked off. Nice to hear it works with teslas too.

Same thing happened to me once, I’m fairly sure that my Storm Front is what broke it. I had to restart to progress the quest line.

I’ve never experienced this sort of issue. I did, however, use a Doc’s Coach Gun to destroy the tubes. Needless to say I failed the optional part of the quest. :smiley:

Not only did it happen to me, whatever broke the cores also broke the correct one too :smile:

This is the correct answer. Happens a lot, really.