This is a team game... team

This isn’t Overwatch or Halo… this is a MOBA style game. You cannot jump into a versus match run off and do your own thing. Stick with teammates, ping for help or to warn teammates of an incoming attack/gank and never trade a kill by chasing an enemy into their base. If you chase after an enemy and get greedy you could easily walk into a trap. If you have to die to get the kill, it will not help your team.

If you’re low on health and there’s no support turrets ping a healer or teleport back to base. It’s better than dying and sitting out of battle. You’ll lose XP and your team will get out numbered.

If you’re new and you don’t have good gear to buy, use it to build turrets/lane support. Doing so gives you experience and helps even out fights.

Ignore your kill ratio, there tons of other ways you can help a team.

I don’t mind getting new players, just play like a team and everything will be fine…


Yeah I feel you man, but the game is still relatively young. I’m hoping the more people play the more they will understand what really wins games.

You might be interested in ranked mode, whenever we get that on consoles. Most the people who do ranked will know what works and what doesn’t


They´ll recognize soon enogh that they´ll die horribly if they are not play as good team.

Its rather hard to ignore the kill-ratio, I love to be top-of-the-list too, but as Orendi its not my job to be top-DD. I build as fast as I can and I see myself as field-medic, since I can run & jump rather fast to revive my mates. Since Orendi can do fine even with cheap gear I can support my team alot with building :heart:

I hate to see people complain about bad Mikos, while its not Mikos fault. A team has to use their Miko right, stay close to her and pay attention to the shroom. If not there no use of having Moki in the team. But instead of staying in a pack they stay far back and later blame Miko that they were swarmed…

As my fiance just said to this:
“If Gal is jumping in front of her Montana with 30%health, its surely not to steal his kills.”

People have to learn that in this virtual military situation the important thing is to survive and to clear the mission. ■■■■ the highscores.


I feel you. I feel better if I have more assists than kills, really.


Same here! :smiley: I hate to be the killstealer. I´m most proud of max. revives given - its not Orendis “job” but I love to pick up my mates^^

I have seen you multiple times say Miko is a girl. Pssst Miko has no gender its an it. No but really i agree with you people will figure it out in there own time people are still new to this genre of game.

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Hehe, thats my own litte tick, I call her “she” since Pre-CTT-times xD <- See I "her"d Miko again!!!
I actually talk alot about Miko & Kelvin with @Sm0kerCrew, who contributed our main thoughts on Miko/Kelvin here
-> Miko, he, she, or it?

I think so too. BB is rather unique, the only game I found to be compareable with Battleborn PvE is MassEffect3-multiplayer modus and not much have played that.

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Unless scoring starts reflecting objective based gameplay, we will just have to get used to people obsessing over kills. I’ve been in several matches with 0 kills and had idiots call me out say I’m terrible. We still win though, because my minion kill count is higher than the other team combined. Too bad they still think I suck for doing my job…


I can’t wait for ranked.

-Ganj I hope they’ll realize they can actually live through most fights even if they’re outnumbered as long as they stay near my Miko. Bio spread + mutated healing beam will not only make them immortal but I’ll be getting healed too, just in case the other team knows to go for the healer first. I rarely even need my shroom lol.


Yeah I can see that. Personally I have started a thread about having the dlc be filled with new and different content as I didn’t care for the repetitiveness that was PvE. They can do it they have before but right now its eh.

So anyone with team issues either lobby up with friends or just wait things will get better.

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I swear they did during the CTT, I’m not really sure why that scoring system was removed for the current one.

Exactly my thoughts! Most people only think of Mikos healing beam, but forget the aura completely! Its such a lifesaver! And I guess the shroom is rather more helpfull in PvE situations (local bossfight, holding a line, ect…)

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Miko is a Fungi (Fun-guy) so that makes him male. hahah jk jk, most likely no gender

Or both gender since miko is like a colony.

I agree. I mostly have played as Miko until now because i see that i play better as an healer, even though i don’t enjoy it as much as playing as an offensive character. But i have to play other characters too since this is a MOBA, and try to learn what they can do too, in order to know what to expect from an enemy.

On a side note, to me Miko is a ‘‘they’’. I don’t think of Miko as an singular entity.

It would be nice if more people were using mics also. I see more wins and have more fun when communication goes up. May just have to wait for ranked to see more of that though.

I feel most of the lack of mics consists because most people use the party chat systems on the consoles the audio is always smoother than a games chat audio its not that they dont have them u just dont realize they do.

That could definitely be the case. As a PC player I use Teamspeak a lot in other games. But even when we take a pre-made group into a game we make sure to use in game comms to coordinate with anyone else we get paired up with.

Yeah I play a few games on pc and team speak is my go to so not sure what randoms do i just know that most of the time i play battleborn its on console and its a big thing that if people see u ate in a party with friends or sometimes at random they assume ur in a xbox/ps party talking so they ask for invs to it.

How do you teleport back to the base