This is by far the easiest Borderlands game ever released

So it appears that activating Mayhem mode in TVHM is a bug. You’re not supposed to be able to do it. That means we are meant to play through the story in TVHM with zero mayhem difficulty modifiers.

That playthrough was incredibly easy for me to run through (I’m on console so I was already forced to do it without Mayhem). I felt at least challenged in BL2 and TPS in comparison. Even BL1 felt harder in TVHM.

If non-Mayhem TVHM is the intended difficulty, something went terribly wrong when developing the challenge level.


Meh, I didn’t find any of the other Borderlands 2nd playthroughs difficult either but they were certainly less annoying, by a lot. But, I had fun playing the others after my 10th, even 20th, playthrough; this one I’m tired of after only my fourth and, surprise, it has nothing to do with weapon variety.

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The antagonists are horrible in BL3, the new characters are also nothing to write home about and the killer: Unskippable cutscenes! The first go around I get, but in a game that has in the past and is currently meant to be played multiple times with multiple characters unskippable cutscenes are a death sentence in replayability, especially when you have a lackluster story/characters to accompany said cutscenes :frowning:

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Don’t forget long, ridiculous, uninteresting immunity phases of bosses!!!

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Oh you mean you don’t like sitting there pointlessly to postpone 40 second boss fights into 2.5 minute boss fights??? LMAO Seriously i’ve commented before they really overdid the immunity phases on this game, it’s not interesting and it adds nothing to the combat. This is why everyone farms Graveward beyond the obviousness of his great loot pool, it’s because he’s not an annoying slog with immunities you have to sit through for no reason lol My favorite thing is when Tyreen is almost dead and she decides to fly around for 3 and half minutes doing nothing before she ALLOWS you to kill her LOL


Agreed. Mayham is not really any more difficult. At least it doesnt feel that way. I activated M1 on coop because TVHM on its own was unchallenging and too boring. Rather felt like a clicker then a shooter. Knowing where to go and what to expect really can do that to a replay.

But even M1 wasnt enough and we are currently playing through the story on M2 which is about fine and feels like the standard Borderlands 2 TVHM.

Yeah…I guess not giving BL3 any kind of balance testing before pushing it into release was a great idea…really regretting not waiting 6 months here :frowning:

I don’t regret not waiting at all. I can still get some much deserved farm offline. Probably would’ve made my kids do it if I waited, especially 6 months.

Yeah cause that’s why my thread is about. I play Amara. Is she that broken? Where did I mention that I didn’t want to see nerfs?

What I’m REALLY annoyed about is that I can’t play TVHM with mayhem turned on.

Thats actually funny but wrong at the same time. You realize its not the same people stating these things? :slight_smile:

So, having never tried Mayhem yet, but finally getting within sight of end of my first playthrough, will I, on PS4, be able to activate Mayhem in TVHM if I so desire?

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Not until you finish the TVHM or normal mode playthrough. I read that you’re suppose to be able to but you lose the Mayhem Artifact when you start TVHM currently.


How are people doing TVHM with Mayhem then? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding…

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The problem with discussing difficulty in a game like this, is that it’s highly dependent on your level, your weapons, your class and your build.

Borderlands 1 TVHM was pretty easy/doable if you were on level and had some decent weapons, but it was easy to get over leveled and then it would become a cakewalk with pretty much any character and build.

In Borderlands 2 you could go hardcore or farm a Pimpernel for Zer0, Maya and Axton, a fibber for Gaige, a Harold or Jakobs shotgun with a ruby for Sal and level 31 for Krieg. Getting the first skilltree filled in BL2 was a big deal too. It made TVHM a lot easier than normal mode, IMO.

But if you’d go in with all white lvl 13 gear and no skillpoints, you’d have a pretty bad time in both games.

The formula hasn’t changed that much. I think when UVHM comes out, if it ever does, it’ll be more challenging.

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^ This a thousand times. Playthrough 2 has never been particularly difficult for me in any Borderlands game, least of all 2. By TVHM you had your capstone and many in BL2 were massive game changers. I haven’t found BL3 to be any easier or harder for the most part, but the difficulty shifts based on character and skill choice.

You NEED to FINISH story at TVHM to GET mayhem AGAIN.
They said that hundreds of times…

To the best of my knowledge it’s a playstation issue. However I might be wrong. It’s that or various people are playing end game and just not being specific, apologies that I can’t suggest a fix.

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Totally all good.

I’ll deal with it 9 chapters plus all remaining crew challenges / side quests from now when I actually get to the end of this playthrough!

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I had mayhem mode as soon as I got to the Sanctuary in TVHM, should this not be the case then? Or is it glitched the other way?

And yeah, I’m currently on mayhem 2 and not really finding it hard. Still enjoying it though.

Game is full of bugs :smiley:

FlamesForAll, I just finished the game (again) on TVHM+Mayhem2 (on PC, so I could Mayhem as soon as I reached Sanctuary :smiley: )

My understanding now is that TVHM is more or less redundant, except for the mission with multiple endings where you missed an ending. Like the initial Red Chest with Marcus or the kill yourself from Tyreen. All of those you need to redo the game with TVHM.
Also, in TVHM, even if you don’t have Mayhem, enemy level is scaled up from their initial level! :slight_smile:

Both mode share map completion objectives, and TVHM can be reset, so that’s how you can 100% the game! :slight_smile:

Other than that play in normal mode with Mayhem. It would b exactly the same.

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