This is crazy so many Maggie's

I started farming muck zadford for the maggie at level 72 and literally no lie, I farmed him 8 or 9 times at most and I got 4 Maggie’s! 2 bastardly one trickshot and I think the other is called gunshot I don’t remember but damn almost every other run I’m getting them lol and with the bee shield I just got this gun wrecks. I would like to use the trickshot but I can’t stand hyperion sights atleast on a pistol I’m using the ones name I can’t remember for the added stability. Is this common for him to drop so many with so little farming,

The entire month has increased orange drop rates for BL2 and TPS. It lasts until sometime in May.

Damn I wouldn’t have noticed any difference since I haven’t had luck with legendarys like this. Though I farmed for the bee tonight and after about 15 kills I got it. Next I’m going for the quasar then to fight hyperius for the first time ever. Gonna try and solo with zer0 And get crystals for seraph weaps and hopefully a norfleet.

If you’re farming Hyperious, don’t overlook the Evolutions and Tattlers that he drops. They are among the best items in the game.

Yeah but I’m always cursed with him dropping the retchers. But shortly after rewarded with a norfleet :smiley: