This is getting ridiculous

Its been a week and still no patch for the disappearing bank items, awful fps, multiple game crashes, stuttering inventory menu, and super annoying audio glitches? werent you guys advertising about how your game was gold and finished a month ago? How was this not fixed before release, and even a week after release there’s no update for the stuff that actually matters, just a loot nerf, damage nerf and eridium nerf. I get its not easy, but why advertise it as finished a month early when its not even finished or release. This is actually getting stupid, i paid $100 for a broken game that is still not fixed, AND lost all the stuff I PAID FOR in the bank on my main character. I put over 24 hours into the game in the opening weekend, and was able to look over everything in my first playthrough but now its just ridiculous. Thanks gearbox, you really disappointed me

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Absolutly no understanding for guys and posts like you/yours. A hotfix is not a patch, get over it. They’re working on a patch for the game, the hotfix was optional. You didn’t even had to update your game for that, how could that be a patch? Just complaining and crying rivers. Every game where you put HOURS and HOURS at one session after days of release will be like this, maybe not as hard but it will have game breaking bugs. Handle it like a human and not like a stupid animal. I paid for the game too and guess what: I actually played the game without problems at all, you have must have a toaster as a pc. Give the game back if you don’t like it or sell it, someone will buy it for sure. And next time: PLEASE, don’t buy a game after the first days of release, you guys are so stupidly thankless. You didn’t pay’d for fkin ingame items and if you did, you’re really dumb mate, so get over it. The items in your bank were only a bonus, thats it. If you want them so hard back, then mod them back. There will be a save editor soon. Absolutly cancer.

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Gearbox didn’t owe you anything lmao.

A bonus i paid for, why do people defend a broken game? Not EVERY game has game breaking bugs what ■■■■■■ games do you play? When you pay good money for something and it doesnt work as advertised, people are going to get angry. Its not my job to find whats wrong with their game, its their job to make sure its ready for release. In a day and age where everything is early access people are so blinded to stuff like this, just cause it just came out doesnt mean anything for the quality of the game. How dense are you? When you say your game is fully released a month before its actually released people might expect it to work when they play it, ive never preorder before but i had faith in gearbox to actually release a full working game. Yeah its absolute cancer that i expect a game i bought to actually work. Crazy world right. get a ■■■■■■■ clue


I always said while I played the borderlands game that thou shall never speak the name of (tps) that I wanted them to really take their time when making borderlands 3. I didnt care if I got it x years late and extended as long as it was a phenominal product and honestly I can understand your dissapointment.

I notice this kind of situation from a lot of games that are coming out recently where the released product feels somewhat cheap in comparison to games we would buy say a decade ago. i.e. remnant: from the ashes had several button response issues, pokemons remnoving the national dex, borderlands with several issues. makes we wonder if it is simply getting more difficult to make a quality game with todays high end gaming standards. (it also doesnt help that they used the unreal engine, that comes with its own set of problems)

As much as it sounds like im defending them, I am dissapointed as well. I was really looking forward to a polished AAA title after years of good ones being nonexistant and granted its still a fantastic game, I was really hoping these sorts of things would be patched out by launch.

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They don’t owe their fans the game they’ve been waiting for, for years? They dont owe their fans who spent the hundred dollars preordering their game? They dont owe us anything? They owe us a working ■■■■■■■ game


you may not understand this because you’re young but patches take time: to bugfix the previous issues, to qa and compile new builds, and the process for certification for consoles.

Discuss, don’t diss. It’s in the FORUM RULES.

@ethanlawrence654: you’ll find a lot of information about the difference between patches and hotfixes in the original hotfix announcement thread. Please take some time to look through that.

I’d ask anyone who has anything to add to the discussion (rather than comments directed at other forums users) do so there.

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