This is how I knew I was Crazy Today

Can be serious, humorous, or just out and out odd.

Mine is kind of all three.

Today, they re-arranged everyone’s desk at work. My desk puts my back at a well used doorway, and I’m already looking at buying a mirror I can put somewhere on my desk so I can see behind me.

Leto would not approve of this seating arrangement.

Perhaps it’s a sign how sane people are here having not replied to this thread for four days. Sorry, Arsonist, I’d like to join in, but I’m too mediocre to be crazy.

in fact, the whole forum haven’t had too much movement these days…

Just realized I haven’t seen anybody I know who’s close to my age for at least three weeks.

I listened to this and liked it (actually figured this out about a year and a half ago.)

i know im not crazy because the voices said so…

You know you’re crazy when dualities control your life. It sucks.