This is important because

BL3 happened. It’s almost fine.

Pre-sequel was the best 2 weeks of my life.
BL2 gave me crazy good combat action activities.

So, I’m a fan and I think BL4 could be something special some day… but thats too far ahead.

I’ll make it short.
Pre-sequel caught me unguarded with a huge screen to experience sci-fi action in such way that it made me forget real life for 2 weeks. I was flabbergasted. Music, story, colorful weapons - big big congratulations.

Bl2 - story was ok. Not interesting but there was no issue. Some cool moments. Music was … whatever. Combat was INSANE! … thats what kept me going on and on and on.

BL3 - not the best story. Not significant in any way (remember, sci-fi theme requiers some epic story. casual wont do it for a good few years still…)
Music: nope (a few good moments in DLCs). Hence no inner vibe.
but most important:

Let me explain.
I always recommended BL2 for one single reason. However buff and equipped you were, if you went in too boldly, you’d die.
<------------------------------- this was the key of my entire enjoyment of the game that had and “ok” story ad “ok” general vibe.

BL3. I’m at mayhem 10. Never die. Instead looking around the area, I look at the minimap to face the red dots. Because its how it works now. Never die, blast away. Doesn’t really matter, where exactly. All bosses just die.

The most valuable thing of the game is completely gone - “go in too bold and you will die” - kills the game.

Please consider.

Do a smart update to mayhem 12 or something.

Bring it back.

Or at least treat the next BL game this way.

“Go in too boldly, and you will die probably” -------> please.


BL3 game mechanics and gameplay are incredible. It’s the best in the series and the best in most games I’ve played. The tracking for Jakob’s snipers could be better, but overall weapon feel, control, and everything else is top notch. As long as they keep this and carry it through to their next releases, I’m 100% in.