This is my Siren legendary cat build!

Please share your opinions/suggestions.

PS:I have to note that later(on higher OP levels) will remove 3 points from life tap and put them on inertia,as it fits better my aggressive playstyle for now.I havent leveled scorn even though it is a good ability because as I stated before I play very fast and this skill really slows me down.

Changed to this:

I would think that if you’re not taking SS then Scorn would be a good choice for a fast-paced playstyle, it’s free slag when PL is on cooldown to keep your momentum up and free slag when you’re in FFYL for second winds, hard to understand why you’d deliberately avoid such a versatile utility skill that takes only one point?


I am using magic missiles and grog nozzle exclusively for slagging I cant do without them.Maybe you are right but I have 5 levels on immolate so as long as an enemy is near me will die.The few times I die is because someone is not in plain sight anD I am not able to score kills

Since Mind’s Eye does little, I prefer Sustenance but that’s just personal preferance, neither makes a huge difference. Scorn is very useful and just a point so why not grab it. You could certainly take a point from Intertia or Accelerate.

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Elated is 5% no matter how much hp you got left but the other one is only 2% max

Minds eye is additive and only effects crits. Sustenance will literally save your life from Dot damage. With life tap and sustenance you can ditch the grog and use a better weapon.

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Yeah you are right about the dots…I died from Pyro pete right now because of that. I will just level both since with the legendary mode I got 5 points on minds eye anyway they are enough.Also I meant Elated…my bad.

I like Sustenance because of my preference for “always on” skills and because I like the passive healing. It won’t save you in the middle of a firefight, but it does let you duck around a corner and get above healthgate, plus it helps with DOTs and someone above posted.


I agree completely with this.

Elated is, to my mind, generally wasted points. That even assumes 5/5 Suspension. Chain Reaction or direct fire frequently kill the PL target too fast for Elated to make a real difference. Even when I run a L Binder, I skip Elated.