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Please Gearbox, put an anti-cheat system in Battle Born. I have been playing gearbox games since Borderlands released. I love what you guys do. I love the passion you put into your games. I love the creative ideas, the quirky characters and the amazing gun play but a PVP game can not function without anti-cheat programs.

Tonight 2 friends and I went up against a Toby who could fire charged rail gun rounds faster than OM can fire his assault rifle at level 2. This it not the first time I’ve seen cheaters and I’m sure it wont be the last but what am I supposed to do about it? Should i click the report button? Should I submit a bug report? None of these features that are in other competitive games exist and I can’t figure out why. There will always be toxic players in all multiplayer games but you are killing your own game by not trying to prevent it.

Personally I won’t be quitting. I will try and hold out until things improve but I can’t say the same for 1 of my friends who after screaming into skype for a while logged off saying hes done with this game. Please put an anti-cheat system into this game so it can become the great game we all know it should be.


What Platform are you on? Its pretty roundabout and probably won’t accomplish anything, but from what I’m aware, going through 2K Support is the best option as of now. I submitted a ticket with a simple question about Playstation Plus requirements and Splitscreen capabilities, and they emailed back in less than a day. It wasn’t a very helpful answer, but they did at least get back to me XD

Again, I doubt there’s anything they will actually be able to do about it, but at least you can say you tried. Dumb, probably unhelpful question, but you do have the person’s gamertag, right? That way I can avoid him if he pops up on PS4? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is on PC.

I figured. Easier platform for modders and hackers. That’s very unfortunate. I’d probably end up like your friend, minus the quitting forever part. Hopefully GBX will do something about it. Maybe utilizing VAC somehow? I don’t know for certain how all that works, or if it would even work with BB…

The problem is GBX went with no Anti-cheat. There’s none in the game, so you don’t even NEED hacks to cheat the game, a simple memory editor is enough.

And I’d love if people could stop putting modding in negative light. Without mods, you wouldn’t even have the MOBA genre. Mods are great, some of the most popular games in the world started as mods for games, including Counter-Strike.

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I apologize, I wrote that wrong. Lets say its a “Use your powers for good, rather than evil” situation. Modders who make and modify game code to create and innovate new content are fantastic people. The hours I’ve spent digging through ModDB, starring at Morrowind mods…

I agree, we wouldn’t have games like Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, goodness the list goes on. You could even say that some of the mechanics of GTA: Online were inspired by the GTA: SA multiplayer. And who could forget Brutal Doom?!

Its the guys who intentionally tweak game code to give themselves an unfair advantage over other plays who are the scum that need to be dealt with.

Really? Did you actually read this somewhere, or is this just something you’ve figured out on your own, by digging around in the game itself? I know if I had it on PC I’d probably be doing that too.

Not accusing you of lying, I promise. Just curious where the info came from. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

look up something call Cheat engine. i use it to edit single player games

Hey dont look at me like that. i use it for single player games!

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Now that you mention it, I think I have heard of that. That would make sense…

You’d have to ask the mods about that, but I’m sure its perfectly fine. You’re not actively encouraging it, which is the important thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also BL2 isn’t competitive, so its far less of a sin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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the whole thing when poeple freak out for wanting to cheat in a single player game is silly.

if i want to play the game running around with infinite ammo then and im having fun, then great!

back in my day games used to come standard with cheats that let me have these features but eversince games now being hooked to online score boards etc they have had to get rid of all these cheat codes. one of the last ones i recall that added cheat codes was really disgusting. crackdown charged poeple to add cheat codes.

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Going through support isn’t going to help if you don’t have definitive evidence. I submitted a cheater report for a player that has 2 VAC bans and goes by the nicknames “aimbot” on Steam, but that didn’t convince anyone. I have to send them a video of the game, or they can’t do anything (hint - I didn’t enable shadowplay that time, so no video).

Makes me wonder what matchIDs are for…

Has there even been any talk of adding anti-cheat systems into the game?

Yes. Go and read them. Thread closed.

This is not an appropriate forum to discuss why, how, our when you cheat.