This is the 100 hours you were cheated

Moze get a nerf, FL4K get a nerf . Some people are happy, some say normal, some feel indifferent. Is this really normal? Diversification is about letting designers teach you how to change your build?Billions of guns were eaten by bugs? What about the new content? Don’t be efficient anymore. Do you want to extend our game time by balance? FL4K stealth attack and Moze unlimited grenades, when designing talent, the production team can not see it?

This is the 100 hours you were cheated:

  1. Initial customs clearance. It’s funny, there’s a lot of legends, there’s a lot of guns.

  2. what? the difficult mode? Fortunately,I have pottery grenades. I want to fight more with Boss. I want to go to level 50.

  3. Legendary weapon is good, Jacobs is great, They told me that there are better weapons, I want to play the difficult mode!

  4. Difficult mode cleared! It seems that the drop rate has not changed. Come on, try killing mode.

  5. FL4K graduate, boring, what about Moze / Amara. Or the Moze/ Amara graduation, boring, i would like to play the FL4K.

6.Zane? too weak, my friends laugh at me, so annoyed, play the FL4K / MoZe.

7.FL4K get a nerf? and Moze get a nerf? Zane get a buff?

  1. Jacobs is great.OK,it get a nerf.We recommend Mariwan. Do what I say. Go ahead.

  2. The legendary drop rate has been changed.Good.

I gave the game 10 points a week, but now I can only give 4 points. Don’t mention DLC to me anymore. I bought a super luxury version. The question is: do you really know your users?


The fat lady hasen’t sung yet. Give it some time.


Uh…relax. High blood pressure is a thing.


Can you name any modern multiplayer game that hasn’t received any changes in regards to balancing since it’s release? I’ll list a few popular games that you’ve probably played:

League of Legends


Another thread that highlights nerfs to characters, but not buffs given to the same characters (excepting Moze, who’s solid anyhow - Iron Bear survivability aside).


Let me emphasize on this
1.Since I have a couple of friends with Moze , still playing today telling me she is not even slighly affected.So quit giving false idea and rally things that arent reality.They are just turning down a knob.
2.There are more than 3 Builds for Fl4k.2 skills got slightly tweaked and these threads start raining?After these changes , it doesn’t affect you at all but make you be more careful.
3.If you dislike a certain character because he is weak.Its not your character.I used to play Siren on BL2 before she was “buffed” , she was the weakest.Never quited.Learn to persevere.
4.Game just released stop begging for attention with balance threads,you dont have any clue whats coming and how much that will affect the game in the future.Tweaking is a better term.

“Just endure the changes , its not that hard” , oh and another one.
“Human is the most advanced animal because he can adapt better than every other being.”

Enjoy Borderlands more.See ya around


Funny thing is the news outlets, specifically for fl4k states he got buffed, well yeah for rakks

Didnt mention the huge nerf he got

What huge nerf? Expand on the word nerf. Or its because you cant min-max faceroll anymore?
Is that a nerf really.

Funny thing is I do have a fl4k and I dont understand how being more careful overall and picking other guns than the obvious ones is a nerf.

If you can’t see that Leave No Trace is now a useless skill and killed many weapons and a whole build than I don’t know who could answer your question.

Opening the character for new builds is good, the other skills need a buff but at the same time they ruined another part of the character.

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If you are playing relying on one skill in particular and that skill is limiting all your gun choices , you have a huge issue my friend.


Why is dev nerfing a PvE game.

It is expected to nerf everything in a PvP game.
but why nerf a PvE game?

Buff weak char and skills so everything is even.

When u nerf, dev is wasting everyone’s time.
because everyone is playing based on the initial settings.
when dev nerf, everyone playing by that setting has to reset and thus punished by it.

when u buff, dev is encouraging players to play more on newly buffed skills/chars
because there is a incentive which is the buff received.

brain freeze by it


Dude, I don’t want to attack you but you seem be lack some ability to understand words.
I am not repeating myself at this point.


No one is attacking anyone here.
Im just saying that one skill isnt limiting anything.Its the guy playing.
Yes its not that good.But that doesn’t make guns unusable :slight_smile:

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Wow, written like a true Destiny veteran.

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Iron bear reminds me of Axton’s turret in BL2. It’s supposed to be “his thing”, but in reality it just kinda sucks once you get into the end game because the devs didn’t bother to test how well it scaled. Difference is that the turret was all that Axton had, so he was garbage. Moze has more, but honestly needs the nades nerfed and the bear buffed so she can actually be the mech chick and not the nade abuse chick. If she’s gonna be advertised with this big mech and make it her whole theme and stuff then it needs to actually be her damn theme, not that thing nobody uses once you hit TVHM.

Seriously tho… It’s like gearbox just threw out a decades worth of lessons. Mordecai and Zer0 taught them nothing about how to balance crits? Really?

Because power creep? And the fact that it’s supposed to be a game?

Seriously, do I need to link to the Fl4k melting vids online? Or how about just seeing wtf happens when Moze got mirv-tastic hex. For the longevity of a game you can’t just have characters who can kill bosses in the snap of a finger, especially when it’s not even end game stuff, just one or two specific items and then anything extra is just overkill to shave a second or two off the 5 second melt to make it a 3 second melt.

If you want a game where there is no challenge at the end of it then go play minecraft, and when you finish building a big fancy house just turn on creative mode and try building stuff. See how invested you really are compared to when you were working up to it. After you get bored do the same thing except instead of giving yourself creative mode, just build another house. you’d be amazed which one is more fulfilling. Keeping everything balanced is how a game can hold over its fanbase AND let them make new content without needing to do how BL2 did it and bloat the numbers the point where everyone was shooting in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

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A game being PvE doesn’t mean that balance is therefore irrelevant. This is a non-starter of an argument.


New engine, new scaling, bunch of new rules under the hood I expect. There’s only so much a developer can lab internally (especially once you add TVHM and Mayhem levels into the mix).

I’m hoping the Bear, Zane’s sentry and FL4K’s pets all get another pass in this regard, because it’s obvious there’s a general weakness with them all especially as the game scales up to Mayhem.

COV weapons, problem solved

Thats one way to deal with , fl4k is perfectly viable to play on all of his trees now.
How much one is stronger than others … well.That will always be a case of min-maxing and there will always be a difference.