This is the best game ever made, thank you

I know i wine a lot about alani ( i do hate her still and cant wait for nerf) but to be honest i love this game.

this game is so much fun.

i think its even more fun than ut2004 and WoW, 2 of my all time favorite games that i spent thousands of hours on.

i wish more people knew about how amazing this game is.

anyways… just a random post. i hope every1 has a fun day, and gets to play lots and lots of battleborn <3


I love the game also man. Gearbox have a very long road to ride and improve but the game is indeed amazing.

I LOVE this game too. I just wish more people would actually PLAY this game instead of seeing it from Youtube and judging it based on graphics.

This game has a ton of potential and it can still be improved. Definitely can be better than the so called “competition”.

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I’m addicted to this game and Alani, my hope is they leave her alone, at least for Story mode.
She’s so slow in Story mode, an edge is balancing for her.