This is the sci fi show we have been waiting for

I watched the first episode and I was pleased. The Expanse might do what Game of Thrones did for fantasy. Who is excited for The Expanse? I have been reading the novels. They are action packed and I could not put them down.

Sci fi needs something as popular as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

We’ll see I would love a new great Sci fi show but Syfy doesn’t have the greatest track record to ensure confidence.

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Not since Warehouse 13 was shittily canceled to make budget room for Defiance, which incidentally just got canceled, a year later.

46 minutes will take a fair amount of time to download and watch, but I’ll take a gander.

im downloading warehouse 13, 20 hours left. but its 70 GB, and is 3-1 leeches.

Random trivia: My neighbour worked on that show doing make-up/prosthetics.

So! Space Noir? Not bad - I’d watch it. Syfy? Is that cable or something? Can I get that on Netflix (I have DVD delivery). Youtube works too, but I don’t imagine they’ll post them there.

Syfy is cable, maybe it will be on hulu

It is on Hulu right now.

The first episode of The Expanse is free on Amazon and Itunes and they are going to put the whole 1st season on those.

You don’t know me, the sci-fi show I waited for is Starlords booty calls, a quirky space comedy about Starlord trying to get laid.

I might check this show out if I got some spare time and Netflix wants to cooperate.

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It was awesome seeing the Rocinante in action in episode 4. That was an awesome episode!