This is what a Luneshine Bekah would look like

The Citrine Bekah


I miss this gun. It is every kind of awesome.

So beautiful, I think I need a moment

@Fyx Yeah we all do! I have to load up BL2 every now then just for the Bekah/Twister/Pimp

@Derch No Tears, only dreams.

Also for raids digipeak, and general awesomeness. Getting a bit tired of replaying the badass round of holodome. But digipeak with friends never gets old : )

I want it.
ALso luneshined pimp and twister.

Oh and a sawbar and some other guns.

I miss the Twister, I miss my Gaige :frowning:
The Bekah is one of a kind, it’s perfect!

I have to agree. Gaige and Krieg are what’s making me come back to BL2 from time to time.
(Have my Gaige equiped with both the Bekah and Twister).

I miss this one

*tries not to cry, cries a lot"