This is why I believe Hawkeye is broken (video)

I’m level 2, and the Benedict is level 3. Yes, I’m at full health. Note that he’s rushed the shards early and gotten Symbiotic Gauntlet and a Jennerit sword up (pretty trivial for a Benedict w/shard gen to do on Outskirts.) He was low health at the end, though, so Symbiotic can only take a portion of the blame.

You can see me trying to activate a health item to save myself, but it was too late. I guess I could have fired wildly ahead in the hopes of destroying the rockets…

I’d like to hear your thoughts.


The 90 degree lock-on is and always has been absolute horses–t. His base damage deserved an adjustment (not a full blown nerf) certainly not a buff.

Other than that, it’s the same Benedict he’s always been. A pain to deal with when the player is good, a terror when he’s great and a liability that hits nothing when they’re new.

I think he’s just become the new focus for OP because of the amount of other characters who’ve received nerfs recently. He’s no worse than he’s ever been, he’s just been rocketed to the top tier because of lack of options.

That and he clears those new and more powerful waves like a champ. Talk about having the right kit at the right time.


No, he’s been rocket up to top tier because hawkeye duration was buffed from base 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

At this point I’m going to sound like a broken record but I’ll say it again: As someone that mained him before his buff, I know he will never be balanced as long as Hawkeye can have a max four second duration.


Would it be an exaggeration for me to suggest that what’s shown in the clip above would put many ults to shame? I mean, I’m far more scared by Hawkeye than I am by, say, Dreadwind… and that’s one of the dangerous ones.

Because I landed the venom canister, you can see where Benny is at all times - and there’s no line of sight whatsoever. Mellka can do something similar… at level 10, using her ult.

Fixed that for you.

But yes. Hawkeye can easily have more damage potential than most ults and is actually harder to avoid than most of them too. I would rather deal with a highly skilled Orendi who power levels to ten to unlock pillar storm half way through a game than an above average Benedict.

Considering the learning curve on the character, as someone who is being forced to play against him 2/3 matches, the duration and the insane curving are both issues. I don’t think both need to be taken away though. On Eden’s vid we see an almost full 90 degree turn on that rocket, that’s completely unnecessary and turns the skill into a fire and forget.

Between the two, I’d rather see the insane curving gone and a notice given to the target they’ve been hit. It gives the target a chance to get out of the line of fire and more importantly, the ability to do it. I could live with that.

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So I don’t play Benedict nor do I find him to be OP, but wouldn’t an easy fix be reducing his attack speed while hawkeye is active?

True, they are both problems. I would rather see the duration reduced but that’s my opinion.

Wow… literally had this same issue in Dark Souls II, with a certain spell.

I’m generally of the mindset that “aimbot” skills (Hawkeye, Bola Snare x3) should not be a thing in first person shooters. Or, if it’s going to be a thing, then it should be a toned-down thing, at the very least.


No it would not be an exaggeration. But you noticed right away when things got bad on that vid and tried to duck behind a corner. That should have been enough, instead we get a first person shot of a homing rocket doing a cartoon 90 degree turn around a corner and exploding right in your face. I see that as a bigger problem than the duration.

Breaking Character…

This was said in another thread, but I like the idea so I’m going to repeat it.
Credit to @Ginger_greninja for parts of this.

  1. I miss Benny’s crit rockets.
  2. I would have absolutely no problem with turning Hawkeye into a helix choice between a low damage homing rocket, and a Priority Target type deal that grants crits, does not home in, and encourages skilled shooting.
  3. I would much prefer to get skill crits than I would have an OP homing rocket that requires little to no skill to use.
  4. Also I can’t do the “land a critical hit on an enemy” skill challenges with Benny anymore and they pop up… when I use Benny. Solo. TBH, I haven’t tried it with melee, but, if I wanted to crit with melee, I would play a melee.

EDIT: Clairifcation - Critical hits would only last for the duration of Hawkeye. You would no longer be allowed to home in if you choose crit rockets. Homing rockets deal reduced damage.


Haha, and that’s another thing - I’m at full health, I’ve hit him with a few shots, a direct Claw Lunge, and a canister, and I have team support coming in the other way - yet a single Hawkeye hits me, and things have “gone bad.” That’s a hell of a lot of psychological power for a skill to wield!

It’s like that feeling you get when Orendi or Thorn have their ults up their sleeves, you’re wounded, and they’re closing in on you… except all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


No you wouldn’t.


As someone that has gone against that and had to deal with it while I was level 6 due to a teammate feeding Orendi in addition to her having a shard generator and a wrench, yes I would. I speak only from my own personal experiences. I’ve had to deal with both and I prefer the Orendi.

Thats how I feel when I see a Toby with the double hug gear. Talk about another skill/gear item that needs some adjustments. 4 second stun is the worst thing.

I think a big help would be lowering the duration to what it was before and making it so the target knows it hawkeyed similar to Reyna’s priority target. Personally what gets me most is not even realizing I’m hawkeyed and then I’m dead.


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The only thing I see that could have possibly saved you is running further around the corner(admittedly this would put you at risk of exposure to anyone else) rockets can go 90 degrees. But if you could have reached the curvature of the wall in that area you could have potentially made the rockets clip the wall trying to reach you

I’m seeing a lot of convoluted “solutions” in this thread (reduce AS while in Hawkeye? Make Hawkeye enable crits?). Let’s think simpler, and just with numbers.

Hawkeye’s duration is the main problem, and the early access to the increased duration is the secondary problem. At level 1, with 420 shards, I can land all 5 rockets on Hawkeye. Late in the game, when my rockets are good for ~400+ damage, this is roughly 2250 guaranteed damage from Hawkeye, assuming they can’t make it to cover. A 2 second base duration, and moving the increased duration back a few levels (say replace Blastoff which nobody takes at level 6, forcing a choice between 20% bonus damage and an extra rocket; extra rocket comes out slightly ahead in damage, but they may get to cover by the last rocket), would make the skill less of an instakill and more of a primary buff. Heck, I would even throw in a base propulsion speed buff to make non-hawkeye play more useful.

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I’m not much of a Benny player so I’m just throwing ideas, what if the Hawkeye rocket would slow the enemy for 3 second so it is easier to lead shots? It would also be possible to attach extra debuffs to it since the aim-bot would be removed.

I don’t see how reducing time, moving helix choices and buffing propulsion is any less convoluted than the other suggestions in this thread. You mentioned how 2250 is guaranteed damage. Take away the guarantee in that situation, make it act more like Reyna’s auto target. If the target has situational awareness, give them the opportunity to get away, because right now there is very little chance to avoid Hawkeye.

Even with halving the duration, according to your numbers we’re still talking about a lot of DPS for a skill. Eden likened Hawkeye to Thorn or Orendi’s ultimate, she wasn’t wrong. Those ultimates do a lot of damage, but only guarantee the kill if the target has some damage on them. Right now, Hawkeye can 100/0 a Melka, her video shows that. Lowering the duration still puts it right in line with Thorn and Orendi’s ultimate. What your numbers show is that Hawkeye is still going to secure kills, its just going to require damage on the enemy first. Still puts a regular skill in line with two of the biggest killing ultimates in the game.