This is why you shouldn't surrender so early

3v5 match

As you can see here the Caldarius had lost hope and the Montana wasn’t even playing…We got their sentry down first, then my teammates died and time was ticking to the end, so the enemy team did a suicide and were successful in taking down our sentry too, but we won by average score. Hooray!!!


I had many similar cases than this. This is why i never surrend, and winning 2v5, 3v5 or 4v5 is really satisfying :slight_smile:

btw GG for this

What makes it even better is that the enemy team were a bunch of lvl 100’s and you can tell that they had at least some knowledge of what they were doing because one; Rath had 3 legendaries,two; Attikus went neutral in his k/d. On top of that, on my team El dragon died 14 times… and ambra died 8… I was lucky enough to have only died three times but none the less, they were competent.

Good on ya…but hot damn if the other team wasn’t awful (no offense) or your 3 were MLG players. In this game, I would find what happened here, practically impossible.

Then this is a fair match if we were to say that the Miko and Rath were um…“not that good”. Trying to avoid discouragement here.


Had a few matches last night that we ended up winning with teammates quitting after 2 deaths. always a great feeling when you can prevail the odds.

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