This just makes me sad

I finally found a CMT nade on a vendor and it looks perfect except for one thing… :cry:


What’s wrong with it? Looks good to me.

I think OP wanted annointment.


I don’t think I’ve come across an annointed atlas grenade yet, I need to double check.

They absolutely can be

I’ll have to check. I know I didn’t got any legendary grenades beyond level 50 unfortunately, during the entire Broken Hearts Day farm which coincided with the level increase. Not one. Most of mine were level 49 and 50s during the red chest run, but only a couple atlas grenades. I like the homing grenades that give back health especially.

No anointment . But its still a godly grenade.

I actually have an anointed version of this but it’s level 50. This would have been the perfect upgrade because it’s more damage but without the anointment it’s actually worse. Anoint on my lvl 50 one is 25% more dmg on thrown nade for Moze soooo…yeah.