This kinda annoys me

I completely missed out on the event and it’s weapons Because of my internet… this is a haunted gear All over again… really they should make a small arena at the end of events so you can still farm this loot… it’s stuff so good it almost feels OP and makes anyone who doesn’t have it feel like they are missing out

Signed - poor lady forced to live in the country with crap satilight internet :rofl:

There are plenty around. Go to your preferred trade forum and see what people can help you with.

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Are you on xbox? I did it with a few characters I can help out with a spare

I appreciate that but read 'Internet" i can’t do much more than download the hotfix XD

The item sent to you should be there when hotfix is applied.

I thought i had to complete the challenges? this post was complaining i missed out on both events Because it takes me a friggin week to download a update XD

@stray1 said he can help if you are on Xbox. I can help if you are on PS4 (Traksta1).


Thanks i might take you up on that after i finally finish the download