This matchmaking is as bad as possible

doing solo q

faced 7 premades in a row so far, all landslide losses

gearbox matchmaking is straight ass

There is no solo q
That’s you playing solo being stomped by premades

8 now

either their matchmaking is intentionally horrific the queue is crazy empty cuz nobody is playing this crap

9 now

lol this game is apparently all about premades farming solo pugs who run in like lemmings or just stay at the gate and wait to surrender

you guys need to add a bot mode with full progression. this is sooo bad…

10th in a row against a premade, full solo pug of 5 on my team again

this really feels like out of touch designers who won’t understand why the queue is so empty

11 now, like a bad joke

watching peeps bail. if a bot takes over I’ve yet to see it. we just go down a player for even more of a loss

this reminds me of WoW battlegrounds except this matchmaking doesn’t make the slightest effort to keeps solo q away from coordinated premades of any size

and BOOM 4 man premade in the 12th match. I seriously want to kick the matchmaking dev in the ballz. Like an Immortals level ball kicking that prevents all of his progeny from developing games.

ok full disclosure, we won the 12th one. pug beat the premade

still added up to glacial progression overall. they need to speed this crap up

Perhaps … if you had any friends?

got tons of friends buddy, just none playing battleborn

13th match is me and a 4 man premade vs a full premade, interesting

annnnd 14th premade now

yes folks this is 14 freakin premades in a row. I’m starting to think the vast majority of solo players just aren’t bothering with this game’s pvp modes

my friends watching this are getting seriously discouraged from playing. I’m literally gonna have to buy it for them to play with them. Lame man.

Well at least they all plan on getting overwatch.

maybe you guys should add ranking tiers or something to separate casuals from tryhards.

if i wasn’t drinking so much beer right now this would be driving me crazy.

I watch the tryhards on my team on these landslides and I feel sorry for them because it makes almost no difference on the end rewards

the lack of 3rd person, and the ability to see more of what is going on, really hurts this game

i dont’ get why the “fanfare” at the ending is dead silence

15th premade coming up

Did you ever try gaming sober? More success might be a result.