This Might Sting and Plasma Dash

Does This Might Sting, which turns the wards into little bombs, do damage to things hit during Plasma Dash?

Yes yes they do (tried in capture where team fights are plentiful, surprisingly good


Who are we talking about? I dont have alot of experiance in the game so i dont kno many characters just yet

This is for Isic.

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Does Waste Not, Want Not also work with This Might Sting? So, if I put on This Might Sting and immediately smash them into some poor sap, will my wards cooldown be reduced?

The helix choice “Waiste Not, Want Not” only reduces the cool down depending on how many wards are left when the skill expires.
So if all of your explosive wards are detonated (or all of your standard wards are destroyed) before the skill expires, then you are not granted any cool-down reduction.
Neither of those helix choices are very attractive, especially for such a high level helix choice. I personally think that they need a rework due to them both being so underwhelming for such a high level helix choice. Right now the level 8 helix looks like this:
LEFT choice - adds six seconds to the lifetime of your wards (which is mediocre because the wards rarely survive that long)
RIGHT choice - reduces cool down depending on how many wards are left when the skill expires (a subpar choice for the same reason, the wards are almost always entirely destroyed very quickly).

So i really think they need to give some better options for a level 8 helix, something like this:
LEFT choice - adds an extra 5 seconds to Rotating Wards and all remaining wards are invincible for these 5 seconds
RIGHT choice if all wards are destroyed before they expire, then rotating wards cooldown is reduced by 50%

I’ve personally always despised the level 8 helix, it feels extremely underwhelming for such a high level helix. I feel these choices would provide more compelling choices for ISIC players as well as allowing to tank far more easily (or spam explosive wards if that’s what you prefer)
I suppose the left helix choice could cause any remaining explosive wards to deal double damage.


I feel you should keep the shield if you get this might sting, it’s not like each do much damage

If you don’t overcharge your wards you still can summon standard wards instead of explosive wards.
So you have the option to mitigate a little damage, or do a total of almost 500 damage if all explosive wards are detonated

Or they could just put the wards back to where they were before. Then the current options make sense.