This morning i was auto picking up shield/health boosters but as of right now this is no longer happening

Pretty much the topic,played this morning,was happy they were being picked up automatically,baked a cake and did some other stuff around the house,jump back in and no more auto pickup.Is this just me?

i will haveto see for myself once I find a booster shield

Here’s the cake.

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i see someone lives on the east coast

at least you have cake ?

Did you stay at the main menu long enough for the hotfix to apply itself? It has to apply each time you load the game since it’s not a full patch.


Before i posted this i shut the game down and then jumped back in and the problem still persisted,after seeing this i shut down the launcher and restarted the whole thing and I’m back to auto picking up.Thanks all for the replies.


and you still have cake

also it’s good to know that’s what to do if I have that problem